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The Destroyed Edolas

After Kazunax destroyed Edolas, it slowly recovered, it is merely a desert wasteland now, with a few oasis's, outlaw's run rampant. It's like one of those old western places, Like Trigun.

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Feudal Japan

The home of Shiba, and others. This is the world most humans are familiar with, or at least the ones in the past. The states are currently at war, trying to unify Japan.

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Modern Day Earth

Earth as we know, the one we all live in. This is the year 2011. Its basically the same as the one we go to work in, fight in, etc.

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Future Earth

An Earth unlike we know, ravaged by war and disease, humans are constantly at war, although south of the Equator a peaceful land is found, here humans have advanced and have colonized space.

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The Dragon Realm

A place that has been kept secret for many years, it is where all the dragons have withdrawn too, but very recently, Kazunax has discovered a portal to it, due to the strong magic he cannot enter, but any dragon slayer, even new style, have the ability to bypass this field. It is said this is where both Cobra and Laxus were last seen. This realm will also be used to submit posts for Lacrima Dragon Slayers.

11The Dragon Slaye...
Sat Jul 09, 2011 7:48 am
Xemnas View latest post
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The Gods Realm

The Gods realm is a place where all the gods have seaked refuge from the world known as Earthland to let the humans run their own show for a while. The only people who can access here are the people who have a true desire to become a God Slayer and people who have had the God Slayer lacrima implemented into them. This forum will also be used for submitting Lacrima God Slayers.

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Mon Jul 11, 2011 5:26 pm
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