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    Main Rules List

    Post by Kylekaotikk on Tue Jul 05, 2011 9:34 am

    Rules and Regulations!

    First off welcome to Fairy Tail: Revelations Now we all know how excited you are in registering, logging in to make your character and start to RP, but please take the time to read these simple rules before you do so. And please follow them.


    Rule One:
    You can't start to role play until your character is accepted. We will reply to your character profile as soon as possible to tell you if you are accepted or if you need some more work. Don't fret if your character hasn't been checked, we will get around to it. Sometimes the staff are busy, but it will not take long until it is checked we promise.

    Rule Two:
    You may have as many original characters as you like, but you're limited to having 4 canons. We would prefer if you only had 2 canons or one, but 4 is allowed. Please check the canon listing before you go make a app for a canon character

    Rule Three:
    Respect all the members of the site and no excessive fighting amongst each other. If I see any of this you might be kicked, banned or blacklisted from the site. Although this is not avoidable... really isn't...keep it to a minimum. If it gets out of hand, contact a staff member or try to resolve the issue.

    Rule Four:
    There is no Godmoding or perfect characters, as well as Metagaming! No one is perfect so everyone has flaws although they might not always be visible.

    Rule Five:
    You can't kill a character without asking the character holder permission first. The only time you can do this is when an event is in place and you kill them there. But, even then, you must fill out a Death Application so everything is processed. You may also use the Death Application in a non-event thread if the reason is good enough and gets staff approval.

    Rule Six:
    All RP posts must be AT LEAST 2 paragraphs. This will give everyone a better understanding of what is going on and avoid spam.

    Rule seven:
    Swearing IS allowed as long as you use it in moderation. Things like saying the f word constantly isn't the best way to get your way around the site. It will likely either get you banned or kicked from the chat for a while.

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