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    Natsu Dragneel

    Post by Kylekaotikk on Thu Jul 07, 2011 2:45 am

    Natsu Dragneel

    "The true sin is averting one's eyes... And no longer being able to believe in anyone!"

    Wind, the worst thing against a fire user. Why? no matter how hard you tried it would always extinguish your flames. Luckily for Natsu, he wasn't in a fight; but then again not even wind can douse his flames. His warm aura was sweeping across the field of ash, bodies scattered everywhere, some even continuing to burn. On the top of a rock, Natsu could be seen scouting out the entire area, the thing was... it wasn't him that burnt all the people. This definitely was not his flames that done this, he would never even dream to do such a thing. The wind stung swept across, the small jacket of the fire user blowing in the freeze, his scarf given to him by Ingeel was doing the same. He could feel it, the sounds of rumbling wheels... the enemy, the ones responsible were coming back here. The face that shrouded Natsu was disbelief, why and how someone would want to do such a thing to people. He didn't care whether it was revenge or just a general attack, they were going to pay.

    The fire users hands started to glow a deep red, soon erupting into flames. Natsu was angry, and when Natsu was angry... it was never good. This was when he showed real power, when his powers reached their peak. His anger was the key to it. Jumping down of the rock that was high up, flames erupted around him, as he did so more flames erupted around his body. He planned to take them all on? Some people would see this as crazy but to Natsu, it was just a routine and taking revenge for the civilians that have died here. As he hit the floor, a raging face was on, even veins were showing throughout his head. As he hit the floor, he opened up his mouth, all the flames around even the ones on the bodies were sucked away and into his mouth.


    His anger was clearly peaking, as he screamed the words more flames erupted. The people that were traveling closer got out of their cars, all observing the man erupting in flames, the didn't even know what do at this moment. A large laugh came from what looked like the leader, his voice radiated throughout the war ridden environment. The man looked tough, his structure was muscular and rather beefy looking, nothing good in maneuverability wise; this would come as an advantage if things came to the worst.

    "You, a mear fire user cannot beat a water user! You lame prick!"

    Natsu's eyes shot to the man, he looked deeply at him. This man was cocky, even more cocky than Natsu. The leader suddenly brought all the water that was scattered throughout the area in front of him, using it in a blast and shot at Natsu, the fire user. A large but angry sigh crossed Natsu, fire was even enveloping in his eyes. As the water came closer and closer, Natsu smashed his fists together, both of the igniting in more flames than before. Quickly, his stance could be seen as a squat, fire raging out of the ground around him, words flying from his mouth as he lept forward towards the blast of water.


    As he shot off, the face and body of a dragon could be seen roaring and flying along side Natsu as he crashed into the water heading for him. There was no way that mear water could stop Natsu now, not even a chance. As he slung on through, when he hit the water it almost instantly evaporated into the air, turning into water vapor instantly. This wasn't all however, as soon as he hit the water, he broke through it and continued through at his normal pace. The fire punch slammed into the leaders face, forcing him back 40 meters, the blood circled around his knuckles, the fire was still burning away without looking like it would stop anytime soon.

    The man slid for another 10 meters before hitting a wall, his bloody face mangled and ridden with fire. His back was leant up against a stone rock, vertically shaped. He was out cold, just from a single punch, he was already out of this world. It may have seemed weird, but all of the enemies, everything single one of them bursted laughing, thinking they could take Natsu, all 20 of them. Within the blink of an eye, two of the underlings aimed a fast punch directly to the face of Natsu, lowering his stance, he dropped his entire body, both of the punches flying directly over his head, striking nothing but air. Following this, Natsu would wrap his foot around the person on his rights own foot, place his hand on their chest and definitely slam their body harshly into the ground. While he was going this his body was still raging with fire meaning when he touched the opponents; they would be getting burnt as well.

    As the other man send his punch over, he lost his balance. This was not a good thing to do, especially when versing against one of the most renown hand-to-hand magic users in the whole of earth. As the punch flew over, the man lost his balance and tripped over, face planting directly into the dirt. Before the man could retaliate and turn around, Natsu was already near him, he hands piercing with hot flames. Using his right hand he drew the enemy by his neck, wrapping his fiery hands around his neck, grasping tightly, smoke beginning to fly up into the air. The fire in Natsu's eyes was still raging, nothing like he had ever felt before. The reason he was so angry, sure it was because a whole lot of Innocent people had to die, but the main reason was... these people, the entire town... when looking for Igneel they had helped him the most. The town that once stood their was now ashes, along with the people. Picking the man up, Natsu look him in the eyes, he brought the opponents head close to his own, the fairy tail mages mouth filling with what looked like air when you puff up your cheeks.

    "Karyuu No.... HOUKOU!!"

    A large wave of fire shot out from his mouth, the air looking pushing out of the cheeks was actually his mouth filling with fire. The fire shot out, attaching itself harshly onto the enemies face. It continued to burn and burn away at his face until it was fully incinerated. The lifeless body of a man hanging in his palm. Throwing away the body, Natsu turned tears rolling down his face. He didn't like to kill people, but they bloody well deserved it. The people eyed at Natsu, fear in their eyes. Slowly, the started to back away, getting into their vehicles and driving off.
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    Re: Natsu Dragneel

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