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    Roleplaying Tips [WIP]

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    Roleplaying Tips [WIP]

    Post by KoutaSato on Thu Jul 07, 2011 3:04 am

    Have any trouble roleplaying, or want some extra tips? You've come to the right thread.

    Roleplaying is a form of art. You might see a single person roleplaying at a given time, or many at once. Nonetheless, roleplay has the potential to be beautiful. However, we often see people fail to reach that beauty by not following a few simple rules. If you follow the rules below, you may notice an instant improvement in your roleplay.

    Rule #1: Grammar, Grammar, Grammar!

    This is what makes or breaks your roleplay. If you use proper grammar and spell your words correctly, your roleplay will tend to read smoothly. However, if you don't...

    Natsu will beat you up!

    Don't believe me, thinking that grammar isn't necessary? Let's take a look at two different RP samples.

    The first RP sample will be of a member who uses proper grammar and spells correctly.

    Gray: As Gray approached the enemy guild headquarters, he felt a tingle run down his spine. So this was the location of the man that had killed one of his guild. An anger boiled up inside of him, and it felt as if he was ready to explode.

    Not the best, but pretty good, right? Now let's see Natsu try.

    Natsu: As Natsu Kicked the enemies butts, he laughed angrilly. Everyon else ran away as he used his DRAGON style magic

    Did that just hurt your eyes? It certainly hurt mine.

    Rule #2: Don't use one-liners

    One-liners are a bane to good roleplayers. They type out an elaborate post...and are met with a one-line response, which usually angers them. How are they supposed to work off of this? The roleplay then loses quality due to the fact that one of the members is lazy.

    One-liners make Natsu barf.

    Let's see an exchange in which two members use complete posts.

    Erza: Erza rushed at Juvia, a longsword drawn. Juvia was made out of water, so it would be difficult to get an attack through. However...Erza smirked. She had a plan. As Erza drew within a three foot radius of Juvia, she would attempt an attack on the other Fairy Tail member. The force at which the attack would be launched was enough to cut a normal woman in half.

    Juvia: Juvia watched as Erza dashed towards her. Was that woman insane? She was planning something...Juvia was sure of it. Holding her hands out in front of her, Juvia summoned enough water to create a wave. This wave was several feet tall and also several feet wide, enough to completely cover Erza with water. With a smirk to match Erza's, Juvia sent the wave at her opponent to knock her down when Erza was four feet away.

    Great! Both members knew what the other was doing after these two posts. The situation was clearly explained and actions were executed in a flawless manner. But what would happen if that didn't happen?

    Gray: Using his Ice-Make magic, Gray created a lance out of ice, several feet in length. Grabbing the weapon in his hand, Gray rushed towards Natsu. Once he reached the needed distance, the mage would thrust the spear at him, attempting to pierce his chest with the sharp weapon. If the weapon managed to hit Natsu, the point would become embedded in the Dragon Slayer's chest and cause a severe injury.

    Natsu: Natsu used Dragon's Roar. Then he tried to kick Gray.

    After this, Gray was confused what to do in response. Natsu never explained what exactly he was doing, what kind of kick it was, how powerful the Magic was...etc. In other words, it was a terrible response.

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