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    Taken canons and free canons

    Post by Kylekaotikk on Fri Jul 08, 2011 3:53 am

    Taken and free canons

    Fairy Tail/Brigade:

    Natsu Dragneel [TAKEN BY KYLE]

    Gajeel Redfox [TAKEN BY XEMNAS]

    Erza Scarlet [TAKEN BY SCARLET]

    Gray Fullbuster [TAKEN BY KOUTA]

    Lucy Heartfilia [FREE]

    Gildarts Clive [TAKEN BY KYLE]

    Juvia Loxer [FREE]

    Elfman [FREE]

    Freed Justine [FREE]

    Wendy Marvel [FREE]

    Cana Alberona [FREE]

    Levy McGarden [FREE]

    Elfman [FREE]

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