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    Shiba Masahiro

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    Shiba Masahiro

    Post by Xemnas on Fri Jul 08, 2011 5:19 am


    Name: Shiba Masahiro

    Personality: The door to the enemy camp was kicked down, as a man with two daggers entered the area, he was by himself, no allies could be seen backing him. He was the Tiger of Edo, the ultimate warrior. The bells tied around his waist made a jingling noise as he stepped slowly forward, his red eyes trained on the enemy commander. The troops in front of him backed away and shouted in fright. This man was Shiba Masahiro.

    The personality of Shiba was one of a man who enjoyed fighting, he was always his happiest when he fought, but he also enjoyed drinking, he was a friendly guy to be around, and a strong ally to have your back on the battlefield. He gave confidence to his friends, and fear to his enemies. He was the Tiger of Edo! On his shoulders rested the burdeon of protecting his kingdoms peace and prosperity, as well as his own loved ones, yet...no matter how many times he seemed outnumbered...no matter how many times despair was sure to set in...he stood up and proclaimed. "What does it matter if I'm wounded? The ones lying dead will still be you.."

    Gender: Male
    Voice Pitch: Medium-Low

    It was a sunny day as Shiba Masahiro stood atop a hill, overlooking a vast valley. His black sunglasses covering his blue eyes, and his hands in the pockets of his ripped black longcoat. He was muscular in build, and oddly enough, he had white hair at his young age. However, he wasn't smiling despite the good weather, he was clenching his teeth as he looked into the sky, it wasn't the puffy clouds that caught his attention,no it was the fleets of ground troops that were approaching his home, it was the invasion of the Loyalist army and he was smack dab in the middle of it.

    Edo,Japan. That was his home, and it was about to be taken away right before his very eyes. An angry aura could be felt radiating from him, he wanted to sprint down the hill and kick the hell out of those American bastards. Something however, told him not too, so he relaxed. Knowing that if he ran blindly down there, he'd wind up dead. Turning around he saw a vortex in the sky and all of a sudden everything he went black.

    Someone Coughed.

    Who was it?

    What was that sound?

    Why is it so dark?

    Am I alone?

    Am I even here?

    All those questions filled Shiba's mind as he seemed to be floating in an empty space, he couldn't understand what was happening. He was sure he was dead, but he was conscious, was this life after death? Then as soon as it started, it all ended and he was engulfed in a bright light, he was laying on a stone road, staring up at a very familiar blue sky. He went to stand up and was amazed at how amazing he felt, it was like he was reborn. He looked around, unsure of where he was. It was like an old style Japanese town. Where the hell was he? What was this world?

    He made his way when he saw a group of troops with spears, board a ship and start out to see, getting a running start, he leaped and landed on the boat, causing them to startle and whip around towards him. He defeated them all and climbed on top of the mast, wondering where this crazy train was going.

    That was when he heard the sound of bells....there was someone standing on top of the mast of the ship.

    "What's the matter? The party over already!?" said a voice from the mast, he leaped down from it, landing with a thud on the ground in enemy lines. His weapons were two daggers....and as soon as he landed, he had cut down at least 25 troops. "Help won't be coming! I paid them a visit already!" The man yelled as he decimated the enemy lines, causing their formation to crumble.


    He was like an unstoppable monster, no matter what they threw at him, he cut it down. His bells marking his position, it didn't matter, they could no where he was, but it they would still die. Eventually only him, and the enemy general faced off. The enemy general was a mage and wasn't about to fall. He summoned fire and shot it at the mysterious warrior. Who....ran straight through it, and cut down the mage, his blade tearing through flesh like butter, blood spilling everywhere....when the smoke cleared, all that could be seen was a silhouette and red eyes....like a demon.

    Gajeel gulped, he was shaking....why was he shaking? Was he truly afraid? What was with this man before him...he had never seen someone so strong. He backed away in spite of himself and ended up against the wall he had slid down, he almost panicked when the figure turned toward him and began walking forwards, at a slow, lazy pace. He finally laid a hand on Gajeel's shaking shoulder, when the man known as Redfox looked up, he wasn't seeing a demon, but a smiling friendly face.

    "Sorry if I scared you man, I get carried away in a fight...those guys were weaklings." The brownish haired man said, before yawning and falling straight back onto the ground, with a solid thud. His hands behind his head, and his legs crossed. "Name's Shiba Masahiro. Nice to meet ya." Shiba said as he looked straight at the sky and spoke one more time.

    "I'm going to kick this guy named Kazunax into next Century."

    ~History End~


    Hair Color: Spiky and Brownish.
    Eye Color: Scarlet.
    Skin Tone: Tannish
    Body Build: Muscular
    Hair Length: Jaw-length
    Accessories: Bells around his waist, red headband, twig in mouth.
    Things on skin: Bunch of tattoo's on his upper body.



    Favorite Sport: N/A
    Active?: Very
    Magic: Ex-Quip
    He can Ex-quip Swords and other weapons of that nature.

    Home Dimension: Feudal Japan
    Martial art?: Yes, Jujitsu
    Weapons?: Naginata, Scimtar, and a pair of two daggers.

    RP sample:

    "MAN ITS HOT OUT!" complained Shiba as he made his way through the jungles of Southern Japan. He was here for an invasion, not a Sauna. Kicking away the branches in front of him, he made it to a clearing, He mouth dropped, there standing on front of him was an army the size of Kyoto, and he was all alone.

    Face palming he sighed, this was just his luck.... The Twig in his mouth slipped out as he regained his posture, hefting his Naginata over his shoulders, he shouted to the army. "Hey you over there! Want to party? I got Sake! I'm serious! No kidding!" Waving like a schoogirl and jumping up and down, he danced a jig as they came rushing towards them, before sweeping that blade of his in an arc and cutting down the first three Soldiers.

    "Bam Boom Bam, thats what I'm talking about!" He said while grinning like a crazy man, he jabbed his Naginata in the ground and used it as a spinning pole as he lifted himself off the ground, kicked off the pole and lunged towards the enemy, drawing his two daggers and cutting a swath of destruction through their ranks. He was like a wild beast, unstoppable....but graceful. His feet barely making sound as they made contact with the soft tropical forest floor, sweat pouring down his brow as he maneuvered around and past the enemy defenses.

    The Battle was soon over, and Shiba stood on a tree, his daggers in their sheath's and his Naginata in his right hand, he yawned. It was so fucking hot and he had to deal with a nuisance like that. He was getting to old for this...or maybe it was just because his general kept sending him to inferno's to invade...

    "Damn Commander...." Shiba said groggily as he meandered off into the forest.
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    Re: Shiba Masahiro

    Post by KoutaSato on Fri Jul 08, 2011 7:47 pm

    Scary guy!


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    Re: Shiba Masahiro

    Post by Kylekaotikk on Sat Jul 09, 2011 5:53 am

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