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    Kobayashi Kyousuke  Empty Kobayashi Kyousuke

    Post by Kylekaotikk on Sat Jul 09, 2011 7:44 am

    Kobayashi Kyousuke

    Kobayashi Kyousuke  267576-1Kobayashi Kyousuke  267576-1Kobayashi Kyousuke  267576-1

    |P O S T I N G | M U S I C|

    |F E E L | T H E | V I B E |

    "You better open your eyes, because shits about to get real" ~ Kobayashi Kyousuke

    | B A S I C S |

    Name: Kobayashi Kyousuke


    The reason he fights:

    His main belief and why he fights is to overcome the enemies and bring back the old Fiore he used to love. Not this one that is controlled by Kazunax where barely anyone has a say. Kobayashi tends to say big speeches on what he believes in and what the enemy is doing wrong during a fight. Especially with his comrades, he is so protective of them because to him, if his friends are fighting a person; that person is now his own enemy.

    Among everything, returning Fiore is the main reason. The destruction of his guild is another; the fact his guild was destroyed and turned to dust by Kazunax's forces and his allies... this changed his attitude on this war drastically. The reason why Kobayashi fights so hard, trains so much and pushes himself to the limit in battle is because he knows this is necessary in order to preserve his way of life. People would think he is just a cocky bastard, but it's simply because he knows this is the one place he belongs, the one place where he grew as a person and the one place with so much of his history. He refuses to let Earth fall into chaos under the evil contrl, even if it cost's him his life one day.

    The kid within:

    On the inside, Kobayashi can be quite the little kid and joker. Normally, his calm and steady attitude is shown but in some cases he can be somewhat similar to personality as Natsu and joke around fight with Shiba or anyone else he is friends with. He holds a large rivalry with Shiba especially in a fight, similar to what Gray and Natsu have. About almost everything, he is very competitive and attempt to 1up everyone if he is given the chance. While this side barely shows, there are some people who bring this out in him, really close friends and the people who used to be at Blue Pegasus.

    Laid back:

    Kobayashi is probably one of the most laid back people you could ever meet. If someone that is a friend to him was to joke around and/or break something that belonged to him; it is likely he will be forgiven depending on what it is. Due to his big ego and natural power, he takes a very relaxed outlook on life. However this laid back attitude is almost the opposite with the enemy. If anything; he will go psycho over hurting his friends or breaking something that belonged to him.


    Kobayashi is a very loyal person. If he said he was going to do something he would do it without a doubt. Depending on the danger risk, he normally never ever turns down a request for when someone needs his help or when someone just needs something done for them in general. This type of of attitude makes him a very like able person which a lot of people can relate to.

    Cool headed and Calm:

    When faced in a battle situation; he normally thinks through every situation possible and tries to analyze the enemies move by watching their movements. He is a very tactical man and even when getting hurt he doesn't panic he keeps his head cool and attempts to outwit his opponent. However, even when not in a battle situation if he competitive side doesn't kick in he is a really, really calm guy to be around. Since he is so calm, he doesn't go crazy over things unless they have really hurt someone close to him. Then he tends to go insane with his power to try and crush the enemy.

    Gender: Male

    Voice Pitch: Medium


    Kobayashi was born on 5th April , he spent most of his life growing up with the Kyousuke family, keeping his head low and learning to survive while in a troubled time. All he remembers is from the age of, what they guessed 6, nothing before that. He is told he was found beaten up, blood seeping out of him in the blistering cold rain, until they once found him and took him in as their subordinate. He always saw a man named Kutarei as a father figure when he was growing up under the judgement of them. With his father like figure he trained and trained constantly for days on end to perfect his abilities in the way of fighting. There was no need for school where he was at. All he wanted to do was perfect his abilities in combat and protect the people of the Kyousuke clan, whether it meant sacrificing his own body for their well being. Once he reached 10 years old he got his first taste of power, and was put in a real hand to hand fight with another trainee in the clan. He won hands down, beating the kid with ease. Shoda was looking good for the future.

    A few years later, when he was 16, he had heard a report about his father figure, Kutarei, was killed in action while sent on a mission to kill some people who were causing trouble. It was said that he was king hit, he didn't know what was coming to him. Kobayashi thought of this as an outrage, he didn't believe it. The man that was training him, the man that he looked up to, died by a mere king hit. He didn't think it was possible. He refused to believe that he was dead. His power was raging, he barely even knew what to do anymore apart from train, train and train some more. He attempted to block everything out, even the people he talked to normally. The fact the only man he ever really cared about was dead... it got to him. Real bad.

    For years, he wouldn't talk to anyone. Only a select few people he would allow to speak to him. Ever since that day he saw fighting as a fools way of vengeance and would only ever use it to kill when necessary. All the way up until the present age, he kept himself collected and calm, all of his emotions inside... bottling up... one day, waiting to explode and consume the world in his anger.

    Many years later, he joined the guild known as Blue Pegasus, everyone was astounded by the magical power he obtained even by being new to the guild. He was probably already one of the strongest in the guild maybe even stronger than the guild master at the time. However, the guild was attacked heavily. He tried as hard as he could to fight off the intruders, protecting his guild with the help of a man named Shiba. In the end they one, creating a large and healthy friendship with the man. Rather early after this, he quit the guild and went traveling with Shiba to attempt to bring the continent of Fiore back to it;s normal peace and harmony.

    | A P P E A R A N C E |

    Hair Color: White
    Eye Color: Pink/Red
    Skin Tone: Pale white
    Body Build: Slim and short
    Hair Length: Down to shoulders
    Accessories: N/A
    Things on skin: Black Blue Pegasus tattoo running up his back. The tattoo is tattered and torn, like it is old.

    Kobayashi Kyousuke  To_Aru_Majutsu_No_Index_-_Chibi_Accelerator
    Kobayashi Kyousuke  To+Aru+Majutsu+no+Index+-+13+-+Large+10
    Kobayashi Kyousuke  Zerochan.Accelerator.295494
    Kobayashi Kyousuke  205772
    Kobayashi Kyousuke  35124%20-%20accelerator%20collar%20headphones%20red_eyes%20solo%20toaru_majutsu_no_index%20white_hair

    | S T Y L E |

    Favorite Sport: Martial Arts
    Active?: Very fit

    Magic: Heavenly Body Magic

    It's a Magic based around astronomical objects, such as meteors, stars and black holes. User generates and manipulates energy of stars from his body and uses it against enemy. Example, starlight attacks, starchains or star beams. Kobayashi can also charge his massive tonfa with the power of this.

    Meteor (流星 Ryūsei):
    Kobayashi's body becomes surrounded by a massive yellow aura which radiates off him, allowing him to move at astronomical speeds. It is said that the speed of the technique 'Meteor' is as fast as an actual meteor in space. This allows Kobayashi to fly while attacking his enemy as astronomical speeds.

    Heavenly explosion (天の爆発 Ten no bakuhatsu):
    Heavenly explosion is one technique created by Kobayashi when experimenting with Heavenly Body Magic. The user swipes their hands through the air, slicing what looks to be through the fabrics of space, a large crack starts to shoot out through both slices, This shows that the technique has begun. A illuminating light explodes from the cracks, bringing his hands down once again, he does quickly turns the initial vertical slices into writing of light writing 天の爆発 (Heavenly Explosion in mid air). This is performed phenomenally quick probably quicker than the eye could comprehend.

    Once this is done, Kobayashi yells, 'Ten No Bakuhatsu' (Heavenly Explosion). Wave like curves shoot out constantly at the enemy. There is usually around 1000 waves of light that shoot out. These can be stopped at any given time and changed the direction it is facing. When the lights his their target or any hard object, they will explode on impact covering a range of 20 meters in explosion. If Kobayashi was to aim it from above, directly aiming it below him, the shots would shoot out at 50 meter diameter.

    Heavenly Beams:
    User releases from his hands several beams towards his target. The power of these are quite large, but not enough to kill you in one go.

    Flame of Rebuke:
    Kobayashi is capable of utilizing the flame of rebuke. This can be given to a dragon slayer or God Slayer to greatly increase their power. This can also be used in general attacks such as fire punches.

    Secondary Magic: Wind Magic

    Similar to Air Magic, this elemental Magic control air for creating wind blades and storms. He utilizes wind as winds are capable of being sharp and unblockable; it was perfect for a Mage specialising in assassinations like himself.

    Through the use of Wind Magic, Kobayashi is capable of lifting himself high up in the air, in order to move around freely, evade attacks and cross long distances in short times.

    Overall Manipulation:
    The manipulation of wind around himself can create certain types of attacks and variations of moves. He is capable of turning wind into a slicing blade if he so wished. This is a good thing to have especially in use with Heavenly Body Magic

    Home Dimension: Earthland
    Martial art?: Muay Thai/Karate/Chinese Kenpo and ninjutsu
    Weapons?: One large tonfa that he can hold in one arm. His travels up past his head, and it deceivingly light.
    RP sample:(3 Paragraphs Minimal- IF FIRST OC)

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