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    Post by Kylekaotikk on Mon Jul 11, 2011 6:03 am

    Welcome to:

    Past information:
    Cait Shelter is one of the four guilds selected to battle Oración Seis Guild. Little if any information on them is revealed with the exception of their ancestry and that they sent a delegate to aid in the battle against the Oración Seis.

    The Majority of Cait Shelter members are descendants of the "Nirvit race" which is a race directly responsible for the creation of the Nirvana that the Oración Seis had pursued. Later, it is revealed that Cait Shelter never existed and that the guild members aside from Roubaul, Wendy, and Charle are all illusions

    The guild cait shelter has been remade and reborn with the help of people from the Magnolia. Quickly they gathered as much mages as they could in an attempt to rebuild the once renown cait shelter, bringing it ACTUALLY to life this time not being illusions. cait Shelter rests on the west side of the border that was put up, in the hills.


    Master of Cait Shelter:

    S-Class Mages:

    The Members:
    [15 places to be filled! Subject to change upon amount of people]

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