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    Knuckles - Kyoumou Kobushi 756px-Hidetora_Tojo

    Name: Kobushi Kyoumou - Knuckles
    A person that likes to play around more than be serious, he is usually somebody who plays with the people he is fighting rather than actually fight with them. An incredibly powerful spirit and drive when he sees something he wants, he is absolutely ruthless in trying to obtain it, though this is less because he is devious and more because he usually has a one-track mind. He does however take great pride in his abilities, and is known for his exceptional physical abilities. However, he often comments that he is not a prodigy on this subject and is more a trainer, knowing the means of hardwork.

    He isn't above using his abilities to gain him fortitude or using status in order to do something easier, though he is also unafraid to do anything of difficulty, making him agreeable with options. Usually, he is courageous, though smart not to run into a battle. He loves to have a fight, having a large smirk each time he can use his skills whether it is a life-or-death situation or a spar, he does so with full power. Laziness, does happen to linger around him, when not truly motivated. He is also someone who thinks that he should devote his entire life into beating someone, thus he isn't one to hold many grudges. He is also not above flirting, though is usually known for being corny when trying to woo females.

    He can be a jerk, easily, not wanting to help someone, laying back and watching the action unfold in front of him. His recklessness takes it up to a whole new level, as he is used to fighting by himself, and isn't one to rely on allies to help him. He also understands pride well, and has pride when pride is due, and is not a person who fights others battles for them. If he may need to bend any rules he shall, he may not even follow the orders of a person of powers decree decree if he sees fit. He thinks on living his life to the fullest, whether enjoying, going in adventures, or having to pursue his own way of life in situations he shall. Voicing his own opinions towards people also allows for him to be free to speak, even when people think that the words are too harsh.

    Often he can be seen laughing or joking around. He also can produce grand vulgarity, and is not above trash-talking others. He doesn't care about what others do, and as such isn't someone who takes up leadership, and doesn't plan to be followed. He prefers fighting alone than with others, and is someone who loves the fight more than the actual cause. Thus, he is more-so a battle monger, or someone who lives to fight. He is also not above scaring others, and has a very strong sense of blood-lust.

    While in battle, he is exceedingly reckless, and brutal to his opponents, not giving them an inch or a mile to actually make their moves if possible. He has a fierce demeanor attacking his opponents much akin to a "demon". His favorite phrase in a fight is "Say Goodbye, Bitch."
    Gender: Male
    Voice Pitch: Gruff; Strong.
    "My body is not just a vessel, it is a weapon, my fist is my gun, I trust it with my life..." - Kyoumou Kobushi

    The strong lead, the weak follow, that's what Knuckles learned in this world. Born to a father who was strong, someone who was thought of as something better, superior as a fighter and a man. His own dreams borne from his fists, as with his young age, the death of his mother and sister leading his ambition. The destruction of the perception of the tyke would commence to breaking. He would be the heir to an extremely powerful and magical martial art, Gunshot Arts, of which the body was treated as Artillery, fusing magic with might.

    His father trained him constantly, to be a man that would not be overtaken by the fear of death and destruction. At that age, he learned the hard way that survival was key, warring within the streets taking over what had seemed his life style as a combatant. He was a monstrous fighter, using his ability to fight against others learning the ways of the true street fight and gaining his own recognition. Not only as a fighter but as a warrior.

    One day, at a young age, he left home. Wanting to be within the streets his mentality was set on becoming the worlds greatest martial combatant/magician. Suiting up to begin his quest, he was feared, winning many of his street fights, even without his Gunshot arts family specialty. Because of this, his skills vastly improved, though not so much skills other than overall prowess as a young fighter. Also training his Gunshot arts to increase his ability to use his signature move, Magnum Fist, a powerful punch infused with extreme force similar to a gun (obviously).

    It was as a teenager, Kobushi would gain his nickname as Knuckles, for his fierce combat skills and powerful assault attacks. He had gained much in the ways of a fighter, and had also gained scars upon his body from the many combat advances he made. It had been many years since he went on his adventure, grasping new experiences over the world and the mystical continent. However, beating normal and weak mages off the street were generally annoying him; he wasn't making progress in his ability to get stronger after so much time. No, he wanted to gain more power, and this wasn't helping.

    He finally decided on the matter by going to join a guild. So, his search would begin...

    (More to come)


    Hair Color: Red
    Eye Color: Black
    Skin Tone: Tan
    Body Build: Athletic
    Hair Length: Short
    Accessories: None
    Things On Skin: Scars on his left eyebrow towards the side, his stomach across his ribs, his back, and a small x-shaped scar on his right pectoral (his chest).


    Favorite Sport: Anything with lots of violence.
    Active?: A lot.
    Gunshot Arts - The power to distribute magical power throughout the body or a specific part of the body is actually a large part of this technical skill. The user is able to make their skin very hard, enough to block metal weapons. In power, the user is able to fire off a punch that is in essence artillery, ranging from any firing weapon the user can think of. For example, Knuckles has a signature move called Magnum Fist. His father is also the most powerful user of the Gunshot Arts.

    Magnum Fist, a powerful punch that releases smoke behind the opponent as if attacked through them, also leaving a circular bullet marking behind their body the same size as the fist. The punch is incredibly strong, and if blocked breaks through various defensive maneuvers. However, over usage can make the arm exhausted or even create cuts around the arms from the matter of focus in magical power. The arm is also steel-like in composition, thanks to magical power.
    Home Dimension: Magnolia
    Martial art?: Brawling, Gunshot Arts (Combines many styles)
    Weapons?: None (You can count his entire body)
    RP sample:
    "Damn!" He said, they began to cover over him, they started to get closer and closer to their goals. Hundreds upon hundreds upon beading souls that would come closer. He needed to push them back, over the edge of a lesser struggle. "You're not gonna get me you bastards!" They had however begun to overpower him, thanks to the one to the many rule, he would hold his spirit strong for this moment. This wasn't his end and he would never allow it to be. His demise was not something he was waiting for, he hadn't fought enough strong opponents yet, nor made a big enough name for himself. He would roar, heavily as he released his true strength.

    "You bastards!" A slam of his fists would come forward as the impact broke one of the bodies in two. He was finally in a serious mood for battle, one may say his truest nature. Another smashing foot going into the head of these creatures as another fell. It wasn't necessarily going well for him still. They began to move once more, slow approaches at first but then weapon swinging. He had arrived with the conclusion... if he was going to die... it was going to be fighting. He would begin to scream focusing his eyes on everything around him.

    But what happens when he is startled by the factors that proceeded to happen. The trembling of their bodies would make this seem as though a calling back into the underworld. They would fall with screams, Knuckles body was one with which he was sweating, the beading amounts of perspiration would come down onto him. But now, he was alone, looking towards the dust of these abominations. He led it into himself to skip back into a calm state rubbing his forehead with a slight snicker. "Guess these things went back to hell, where they belong." But the battle wasn't over as of yet, like he thought.

    Suddenly, a strike from a weapon of great mass would come down overhead towards him, his incredible reflexes would allow him to roll out of the way. The snickering fiend hunched with the weapon towards his two hands. Clenching it tightly as he laughed. "Lookie, lookie who we have here?" Knuckles seemed a bit confused, this guy seemed more like the zombies he had just faced. Wait, why didn't he disappear. He took up a gesture, in the form of crossed arms.

    "Who the hell are you, why didn't you go back with your little friends?" Knuckles asked with a sort of deviant tone, gruff and showing strong statures. He was small, but incredibly strong it would seem, wielding such a large weapon akin to one demons wore within various mythologies from culture. He would sling it on his arm, as he laughed at the question asked and would answer in his own "unique way". His arm would then move backwards holding the weapon towards his back to gain more leverage. Held together by the cursed hammer, Souzen would leap.

    "I am Souzen, and I am here to kill you!" Laughing with maniacal tones, and outstretching the large weapon, it would smash against the ground as Knuckles leaped back from it. He was caught off-guard by his speed, of course brought along by his small stature. He would pull it back, the chain elongating as it came forward pushing up towards Knuckle's body as he fell to the ground for a switch dodge, lifting his body up as he dodged, doing a powerful kick into the males torso, Souzen moving back into the ground as he suddenly pulled his weapon backwards, trying to capture Knuckle's in an assault from the large spiked ball. "DIE!" Knuckles would dodge with barely enough time to react. Not only was he fast, but strong, his weapon was almost unpredictable similar to a Mourning Star.

    A scrap would appear on Knuckles face, as he gritted his teeth sneering. "What the hell is this... this guy is so short, how is he able to move so fast." Moving forward, he would start to take his fist forward, however, he was dodged suddenly, as he made his way and kicked at his head. Obviously skillful of hand-to-hand combat, he was pushed back to the ground, gripping his weapon as he threw it in the air. The chain would rattle as it would hit against the wind pressure. Knuckles was on the ground, but not ready to be caught by such a move, quickly rolling towards the side, and then moving his body to lift him on two feet. The attack made a great crater into the ground, thanks to the effect of gravity plus the heaviness of the ball.

    Souzen would land on the trees, as he watched his prey unfold. "You know, you're actually pretty quick, guy, if you can dodge my shit, then you have to be..." He grasped the chain, beginning to swing it at his side, as he chuckled. "I'm the fastest of the captains, easily..." Knuckles would take note of such an instance, the way he used the attack and its footwork, you always have to make sure you know your opponents weapons in a brawl. With this, he would move his hands forward ready to fight. Slipping the chain out from his hold, he would direct it towards Knuckles, in a great volley of shots, twisting it in a roundabout manner as Knuckles would dodge in a flip, and then a side cartwheel, keeping his composure. He would land at a tree side, watching the weapon, keeping a close eye on its details. "You will be fun prey, especially in this stupid-ass place you call a village!"

    'This guy has hell of skill in that weapon, directing it as if a dart to a board and throwing it so accurately...' Slipping towards the tree, it smashed it with little effort as he dodged in a roll, and began his movement in order to make his own attack come. The weapon would be called backward as he began twirling it with his wrist, smirking. What he needed was a weapon of his own, and that was what he was about to get. Not only did he have fists, but something that could be his trump card in battles like this. He would begin to move forward raising his foot into the gray ground, he would dash towards him, taking a deep step forward. "Here we go!" This battle had only just begun.
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