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    Power Levels

    Post by Kylekaotikk on Wed Jul 06, 2011 7:25 am

    | P O W E R | L E V E L S |

    What is this power level you speak of?

    A power level is the rank your character recieves based on age, powers, history, personality, and your roleplaying skills. Your character will be given a power level when your app is checked based on your abilities and skills as said above. Note, not every person wants a powerful character. If they want, they can have a weak character with no powers.

    A good thing to take into account about the power levels


    Sun Tzu's art of war: "Know your enemy, and know yourself, and within 100 battles you will not be in peril. Do not attack a stronger enemy head on, focus on their weak points, only then will they be vulnerable..."

    Many people are known by their rank, sometimes even subordinates don't call them their names rather, 1-0 or 1-00 and so forth.


    Special power level:

    0-0: If you are given a special power level it is likely you are among the most powerful on the site. Mainly only the main bad guys or leading good guys will be given this power level.

    First Power Level:

    1- 0: Extremely powerful lead/event characters such as Kazanax, the strongest dark leader to have taken over the world. If you are this rank, you are likely a lead character, deep into the event and usually a leader. Not many people will be given this power level. As characters this strong are rather rare. 1-0's are renown for their amazing efficiency in battle. Gildarts, Zeref and masters are upon this level. Fairy Tail: Revelation wise, Natsu and Gajeel are upon this level.

    1- 100: These characters are often extremely strong characters capable of leading organisations. While these guys can be given out more, it is likely they will not be given out at random. 1-100's are upon a level below 1-0's. Some masters are upon this level, as well as people like pre revelations Natsu or Gajeel, Mirajane is also upon this level when in demon mode.

    Second Power Level:

    2-0: These people are exceptionally strong characters, easily able to stand their ground against even a 1-0 for a while. Overall, people on this level can be compared to people like Erza or Zero are on this level.

    2-100: This power level is just below 2-0, they are seen as pretty strong characters able of fighting quite well. They will not crumble easily, I can tell you that much. People on levels like Gray, Midnight or Leon.

    Third Power Level:

    3-0: Characters who are capable of holding their own. They know how to fight and they can fight well. People like Freed Justine, Loke and Elfmen are on this level.

    3-100: These people aren't bad, they sure know how to fight. They can be seen as adept characters. People like Levy McGarden or Cana Alberona are on this level.

    Fourth Power Level:

    4-0: These can be identified as people who are on the verge of becoming to adept level, usually advanced beginners at fighting. People such as Reedus or Wakaba.

    4-100: People on this level are seen as beginners, new to fighting and have quite a way to go before mastering their combat style.

    Fifth Power Level:
    If you are upon fifth power level you may as well be an Exceed. You have no powers, or only minor ones which do not change the course of battle. Normal citizens are seen as this.

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