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    Post by Kylekaotikk on Mon Jul 11, 2011 3:02 pm

    Kobayashi Kyousuke

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    † T E A R I T U P †

    The sound of cracking winds swept across the plain. This was hardly what Kobayashi has expected, however the wind soon came to a sudden halt as the man slowly rose himself into the air; keeping his feet 10 meters from the floor. Slowly, the man stretched and laid back taking a few gulps of air. The air around him felt absolutely wonderful , the wind was no still and holding him up in the air. The air wasn't hot or anything which made it even better. Slowly a smile grew upon his face as he closed his eyes drifting off into his own world inside his head. The rustling of grass filled his ears, carrying him away into his own made up world allowing him to be parted from reality... it was nice feeling. At least while it lasted...


    Heat; everything reeked throughout the area. A very hot presence filled the air; the nice entire calm feeling was gone. Absolutely crushed. Kobayashi didn't care for this much though; seeing as the person he was waiting for had finally arrived. Zancrow, the old style fire god slayer had finally come to greet him. Opening one eye, Kobayashi looked at the man following his every move with just that one eye. Ever so slowly, the ex-Blue pegasus member lowered himself to the ground and dropped him to his feet softly. The flames were still raging off of Zancrow for some reason he looked really angry. Maybe it was the idea of giving out fake lacrima to people? To become someone that wasn't exactly... a proper God Slayer. Who knew, but all they knew was that they needed him. It was obviously Zancrow, why was it obvious? Because the man had those distinctive black flames. Seeing as he had not been heard of for the past 10 years it was weird that he accepted the offer to create yet another God Slayer.

    It was said that Zancrow, the only known God Slayer at this time, had turned his side that he wasn't with Kazunax or Grimoire heart anymore but rather there to help out the other God Slayers and helping people to attain them. However, this wasn't a proper examination it was purely just a rumor. As the man landed from the sky above, his face held a large and evil looking grin like he was about to let loose. All the black flames died as the man stood up; gritting his teeth and speaking out the side of his mouth.

    "Oi, a muppet like you wants to be a God Slayer? Tch, ridiculous. Before I implant the lacrima, I want to see what you got! HAHAHA!!"

    Charging his left food with black flames, the flames began to quickly congregate around it. The vile grin was still smashed into Zancrows face as he launched from the creator he made while entering. His left foot was brought forward in a arc swinging motion aiming to slam it directly into Kobayashi's cheek. As the foot came close Kobayashi just sighed heavily, thinking this guy would be more than just all talk. A yellow light quickly appeared around the white haired mans body like an outline, within the blink of an eye he shot away appearing behind the man still sighing his eyes now closed. As he reopened his eyes a few seconds later the God Slayer was now facing him, his mouth full of what seemed to be air... but clearly wasn't.

    "Enjin no Dogō!"

    Kobayashi's eyes shot opened quickly, as the black ball of fire slammed into his body pushing him halfway across the green luscious fields and into a small building smashing it on impact. Large grunting noises could be heard emitting from the general region. Now that was something that was something he didn't expect... Maybe this man did live up to his reputation quite well. A hand was put through the black flames, within one swipe all the flames going away. Burn marks and cuts shrouding all over his body; even bruises on him. That was one hell of an attack. Stepping out from the imprint he made, he used his wind magic to hold him afloat, slowly walking closer and closer to Zancrow. Each step he took was a stumble, all was silent and as he stepped it made a sound like he was on concrete.

    "Heh, you have a good... urgh; fighting technique. It seems I underestimated you.

    No longer!"

    From the midst of nowhere, suddenly a large tonfa appeared; like it appeared from magic itself. This tonfa was massive in size. It is comparable to pantherlilys sword except a tonfa. This tonfa could be percieved as heavy however it is quite the opposite. It is rather light, barely restricting his movement at all.


    Yellow magic gleamed throughout the sight, probably the only still green and luscious place still in fiore and it was being destroyed by these two... brilliant. However, the yellow light this time was now being seen around Kobayashi's body; rather it was appearing around the tonfa? Yelling while his magic power reached it's peak, Zancrow frowned, watching the white haired man closely in case of any sneaky moves. Kobayashi's rage heightened, his eyes turning into a golden colour like his tonfa. Placing hie right foot back, he used it as a chance to launch off at the enemy! Within seconds; Kobayashi launched himself at tremendous speeds at the man Zancrow; his massive tonfa was held horizontally across his body. As he was within reach, Kobayashi quickly released a burst of heavenly body magic as he slapped the end of his thick tonfa into the mans cheek. The inpact was so great it even sounded like it was hitting concrete.

    This wasn't all; within seconds the white haired man re-appeared behind Zancrowby using the technique meteor, attempting a round house kick to the back of his head! If this was to connect it is likely that it could send Zancrow flying forward once again. Just as planned; the kick smashed into the back of his head!

    † T E A R I T D O W N †

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