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    Post by ScarletTitania on Mon Jul 11, 2011 7:44 pm

    Erza Scarlet stood on a hill near Magnolia, watching Kazunax's soldiers gather up for yet another invasion. So many innocent lives had been lost due to his evil, and Erza could not stand it. Her brown eyes filled with angry tears as she watched the troops gather.

    Ten long, treacherous years had passed since Kazunax had invaded and taken over Magnolia, pushing Fairy Tail to the edge of the continent. Erza had watched helplessly, as even the strongest Dark Guild at the time, Grimoire Heart, had fallen into the palm of his hand. She clenched her teeth as she remembered. They'd killed her friends, and stolen Fairy Tail's honour. Her fists clenched as she remembered, and a gentle breeze blew by, blowing away some of the tears, and ruffling her long scarlet hair.

    Erza, or "Titania", as she was known to others, was now 29 years old, a mature, grown woman, compared to the 19 year old, sheltered girl she used to be. Her appearance hadn't changed that much except that she'd cut her long, scarlet hair so that it now reached halfway down to her waist. Her armor gleamed in the sun as she looked down upon Kazunax's troops, hatred blooming in her eyes.

    She touched her upper left arm: her Fairy Tail mark now had a line going through it horizontally, a consequence of Kazunax's takeover. Erza felt a powerful rage building up inside her as she touched it.

    She could not bear it any longer, she walked down the hill, and right in front of the troops.

    A few troops looked up as she stood in front of them and gasped. Erza Scarlet's power was fearful, and she did have a reputation for being the strongest woman in Fairy Tail, up until now. Now, she wasn't even sure.

    The troops backed up as Erza reached out and Requipped a sword.

    "Don't kill us, please!" a troop begged.

    "Begging won't help you here," the mage told him coldly, and cut him across his torso. He fell, in a shower of blood, to the ground.

    The sacarlet-haired mage looked away as the troop fell. She hated taking lives, but in a situation like this, it was unavoidable.

    "Get her!" the leader of this brigade yelled. Soon, about one hundred troops had gathered before her.

    "Kansou! Za Naito!(Requip! The Knight!)" she shouted, fury raging through her body. A light glowed around her body as she requipped into her chosen armour.

    "Tenrin no Yoroi! (Heaven's Wheel Armour!)"

    In an instant, Erza had requipped into her famous Heaven's Wheel armour. The troops paused for a moment, wondering what she was about to do to them.

    They soon found out as Erza summoned one hundred swords.

    "Circle Sword!"

    All one hundred swords spun around the mage in a circle formation, before she sent them flying at the troops. They screamed in pain as they felt cold metal being embedded into their flesh.

    Erza took this in with great rage. All of the soldiers were down, covered in blood and some with multiple swords stuck in their flesh, except for two. They'd ripped the swords out of where they'd struck, and were glaring at her. Blood ran down their backs and chests.

    "Y...You'll never take Lord Kazunax down!" one of them screamed. They both stepped closer to Erza.

    "You're making a bad choice, facing me in that state," she told them. "However, I will not hesitate to cut you both down."

    With that, she rushed up to both of them, having summoned one sword in each hand, as well as the thirty swords that hovered above her.


    In an instant, she'd slashed both of them across the chest, and the swords that were hovering above her rained down on them at the same time. Both men collapsed on the ground, dead.

    Erza looked at them. At least ten blades each had impaled each of them, and blood poured out from their chests where the mage had slashed them.

    She sighed and walked back to Magnolia, requipping back into her Heart Kreuz armour as she did so.

    The battle's just begun.....,she thought bitterly as she walked through the town, heading for Fairy Brigade's base.
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