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    Post by ScarletTitania on Tue Jul 12, 2011 1:08 am


    Name: Kagura Blackblade

    Personality: The wind danced around the girl as she stood near the hill. Dozens of men lay at her mercy, all impaled by some sort of ice.

    Quiet and calm: Normally, Kagura is very calm and quiet, almost to the point of frightening the others that are rowdy around her.

    Cold and merciless: This part of Kagura's personality comes in play during her fights with enemies. She is analytical and perceptive, and can quickly find weaknesses.

    Loyal and fearless: Kagura is loyal and fearless when it comes to friends and family. She is loyal to the point where she would take an injury for her friends.

    Gender: Female

    Voice Pitch: Medium-High


    Kagura was a slave during her childhood for a short amount of time to an unknown mage who wanted to construct a weapon so powerful it would wipe out the continent of Fiore. The mage was cruel, often beating Kagura several times a day, until she would bleed from them. On one particular day, the mage decided to beat Kagura because she was working "too slow". The mage took a sword to her left eye and slashed it, blinding it. Kagura, filled with hatred, grabbed the sword by the blade. To both her and the mage's surprise, a thin layer of ice covered the part of the blade that she'd touched. She seized this opportunity to create some ice spikes hovering above her head, and sent them flying towards the man, who was killed when the spikes struck him in the chest, head, and stomach.

    Kagura then ran away, and discovered the town of Magnolia. Her first stop was to get a replacement eye, which she did, and then it was off to a guild for her. She found that it was hard to get into a guild due to Kazunax, but she didn't give up. She is still looking for a guild today.

    Kagura Blackblade Img-thing?

    Hair Color: Black (with violent tints)
    Eye Color: Dark blue
    Skin Tone: Pale
    Body Build: Thin, but a little muscular
    Hair Length: Medium length (goes halfway down her back)
    Accessories: Fang-shaped earrings, artificial eye
    Things on skin: Scar across her left eye


    Favorite Sport: Karate
    Active?: Yes
    Magic: Ice-Make(アイスメイク Aisu Meiku)
    Ice-Make allows the user to utilize and generate ice.
    -Shield (シールド Shīrudo)-Kagura forms a shield that shields everything behind her.
    -Lance (ランス Ransu)-Kagura forms ten lances that she can shoot from the ground to impale her enemy.
    -Floor (フロア Furoa)-Kagura freezes the ground, making anyone in the area slip.
    -Arrows-Kagura releases several arrows from her hands and shoots them at the enemy at high speeds.
    -Sword-Kagura forms a sword out of her ice for melee combat.
    -Geyser-Kagura freezes the ground in front of her, creating a tower of impaling spikes.
    Home Dimension: Earthland
    Martial art: Karate
    Weapons: A two meter long whip that she can use to restrain opponents if her ice doesn't work.

    RP sample:
    The girl stood from a 50 meter distance near the forest, watching a 30-man platoon of Kazunax's troops move below her. They were about to invade a small town, full of innocent people, and she could not stand it.

    Her name was Kagura Blackblade, independent mage. She knew that Kazunax was powerful, and she could not stand that he could attack with cruelty and recklessness.

    Not able to control her rage, she sprinted, silently and stealthily, to where the nearest troops were. She leaped up and aimed a powerful kick to a troop's head, knocking him out.

    "What the-," was all his partner could muster before he, too, was knocked out by a punch.

    Kagura looked at the troops, her navy eyes blazing with fury.

    "Ice-Make: Lance!"

    In an instant, she'd put out her hand and launched ten lances at the troops. All ten lances impaled themselves within the soldier's chests as they fell, dead.

    "Ice-Make: Geyser!"

    The rest of the men were quickly wiped out by a spray of blood, caused by a tower of ice spikes protruding from the ground. Kagura sighed.

    Kazunax, I'll never let you have Fiore! NEVER! she thought angrily as she walked past the bloodshed and into the outskirts of Magnolia.
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    Post by KoutaSato on Wed Jul 13, 2011 9:18 pm


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