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    Evangeline Acadie{WIP}


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    Evangeline Acadie{WIP}

    Post by Evangeline on Tue Jul 12, 2011 3:42 am


    Name:Evangeline Acadie
    Personality: Used to having people do he bidding, Evangeline is a pampered, some what stuck up girl. That's when she's not being quiet and shy, trying to fade into the background.Being easily angered, her temper can flare even without provocation. When she fails on a job, she blames herself for the group's failure.
    Age: 14
    Voice Pitch:High pitched with a rich Czechoslovakian accent.
    History: Two years after her mother died,Evangeline started taking advantage of the servants, having them make and buy maps of local towns and countries. Little did they know what she had been planning for months. Lying to her father, saying women should be stronger, and wiser than men, he let her go on a five month expedition to the silk road, to learn the terrain, or so he believed. two and a half months later, while the leader was setting up camp, Evangeline packed two weeks of food supply and headed off to Japan, hoping to find her inner peace of mind. In order to keep walking forward, She must keep herself from feeling any emotion that might remind her of her old life, to keep from breaking down.

    Evangeline found herself waking against the soft morning sun. Her food supply was depleting fast, so the next town, she would restock and catch a boat to Japan. Hours later she walked into the village of Kistrod. People watched her, since her stockings were ripped and stained, and her silk dressed ruined.Ignoring the sets of eyes, she strode to the closest store, a tavern by the local lake. The bar tender cooperated and gave her food, and allowed her to use his boat. She started to row, smooth sailing for the next hour or so. When she landed on the shore, a think mist rolled in. The next thing she knew, thugs were coming at her from all angles.a light shown from her mother's bracelet. Next thing she knew, she was slashing at the thugs with her nails, paralyzing the instantly. Before she realized what happened, she ran into the woods. She sat against a large stump,and calmed down a bit. Her nails a purplish gold tint scared her. A golden light surrounded her and then she dissepated intop thin air.



    Hair Color: Blood Red
    Eye Color:Sparkling sea green irises with deep ocean blue pupils.
    Skin Tone:Pale Peachy tone
    Body Build: Un-athletic and built smaller then normal
    Height: 4'9"
    Hair Length: Hair reaches to waist when undone from the two Pigtails, which reach to her jaw.
    Accessories: Sapphire bracelet given to from her mother.
    Things on skin: Birthmark on lower back shaped like a butterfly.


    Favorite Sport: None
    Active?: No
    Magic:Her nails, being able to wield any poison at her liking, are used more for defense than offense.
    Home Dimension: Czechoslovakia
    Martial art?: Nope
    Weapons?: Nails
    RP sample:(3 Paragraphs Minimal- IF FIRST OC)

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