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    Post by Knuckles on Thu Jul 14, 2011 2:50 am

    It was mayhem within these time, the crude way the streets were scrapped within the darkness. Over and over the creation of such deviation in the tides of hope, nothing more or less criminal than feeding the minds of the criminals. The darkness adept at becoming shadows and the shadows becoming harbors of light. Focused this world is rotten, and the more rotten it becomes, the more darkness the people see...

    Within this day, the ongoing pretense that nothing could be less or more than what it was. The instance of which a group of people coming at you as if you were some type of figure that made hell on earth. Fiore was tainted from the overbearing powers of mad men. The depths of which had been unbroken for a decade. Nonetheless, nothing could commence such a given, the tide of a changing world, the revolt of some of the most powerful mages in existence.

    "Where is Fairy Tail?" His fists were clenched against the man's shirt eying him with a demonic glare, his serious face with a great look of strength and obscene amount of killing intent would only allow for him to be seen as one thing. A demon, a demon of incredible power, with the strength to destroy that which seemed indestructible. This senselessness arriving with nothing more than a crude smirk and a strong-arm disposition.

    "It's outside the walls, they don't really like to a-" Knuckles threw him towards the ground, releasing him from his hold as he chuckled. "You tell your friends, if they come and attack me again, they will be more than battered, understood?" Behind his path of destruction, laid the souls of many opponents defeated by his iron-fist disposition. The power of which was likely something more than normal. He was extremely strong, devilishly happy for his own amount of strength. He wanted to see what this place was all about... this place called Fairy Tail..."

    It wasn't called Fairy Tail anymore, of course after the battles of others that could not be saved. The serious factors such as the destruction of entire towns and even countries. They had begun to fulfill the rights to possibly protect the people and save the world. However, they were outnumbered and the top guy and his higher tier members were very skilled. So they formed into a new team, a team of which allowed themselves to grow into a revolting party, Fairy Brigade. He wanted to test the theory of one of the strongest parties in the world.

    He would reach the top of the wall, climbing up slowly with his bare-hands moving to the top leaping on the edges he chuckled. "No wonder they are out here it seems..." He said to himself, as he started to run across the other side of the wall, and with his body leaping with the intense push of muscular strength in his legs as he slid across the ground. He would push his hand into the ground and leap forward as he ran towards Fairy Brigade, more and more excited at what may or may not happen. This could be the edge he was looking for, the power of the new will he would gain making him an immense force. "FAIRY BRIGADE!!! COME OUT!!!!" He screamed loudly, his body tense as he released a loud roaring scream, towards the rather large building.

    His mind was set. "Hehe, Lets Get Started."

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