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    The Plot [IMPORTANT] Empty The Plot [IMPORTANT]

    Post by Xemnas on Wed Jul 06, 2011 8:51 am

    | T H E | P L O T |

    The Plot [IMPORTANT] -width-285-height-365

    The Assault on Earth land

    Like normal, Magnolia and all of Fiore was living in peace and going on missions after all their current successes in the troubles they had been through. The guild known as Fairy Tail, which rests at the end of the town Magnolia by the sea, was first to be hit. Nothing was expected, out from the sky a rod of darkness engulfed the guild and everything inside of it. By this time, it was during the night, nobody knew what happened. At first, everyone assumed it was another attack from the guild Phantom Lord, automatically everyone blamed it on them without thinking, even the master... they were wrong. After a few nights, they went into deep argument about how the guild Phantom Lord could have done this a SECOND time. Especially after they were crushed the first time, it seemed ridiculous. A few nights passed, nothing happened. No attacks nothing. So they thought.

    Striking down from the sky was the dark red and black tinted shadow that engulfed the city taking all of its parts, leaving ruins. Only, this one covered the ENTIRE city. Many changes had to be made. The leader of Fairy Tail knew about this evil, it was the same as an ancient one that a man named Zeref once had... death magic. Many places fell to the wrath of this magic. Only, who was behind it all? Nobody knew that for weeks, the attacks happened eventually all of Fiore getting torn up. All the light guilds banded together, creating a hidden alliance using Phantom Lord as their main coverage.

    The Plot [IMPORTANT] Magnolia_Town-1

    Maganolia, once the home to many people and the guild known as Fairy Tail. This town has shown a lot of resilience compared to all the events that has sprung up in the town... but everyone has to fall sometime.

    General Information on Kazunax

    Calm and intelligent, but his true goal is pure destruction...death and oblivion. No one knows where Kazunax came from...or why he was ever born, but one thing is apparent...He destroyed the world of Edolas before arriving in Earthland, for that was his first message after appearing from an Anima. He soon overwhelmed the mages of Earthland with his vast Dark Magic. Said to be even greater then Zeref's. The mages are scattered, throughout the wasteland that was once their home. Forced to be slaves to Kazunax's reign and his Organization of Dark Magic users, even the Powerful Zero of Oracion Seis and the leader of Grimiore Heart, Hades. Fell before his might and prowess. He now rules from his castle, where all fear him.

    10 Years Later


    10 Years have passed, and a resistance has started. Led by Gajeel Redfox and Natsu Dragneel, the two have changed in appearance drastically. It is called the Fairy brigade. Natsu's appearance is a man with spiky reddish pink hair and golden eyes, he stands six feet tall and has a rough scruffy pinkish red beard, similar to gildartz. He has a scar over his right eye, and his attire consists of a blue and red trench coat, the hem covered by red flames and on the back is a reverse emblem of Fairy tail, with a Line through it. This marks him as a member of the fairy Brigade. He still wears his trademark scarf, although it is tattered now, due to the years of fighting. He wears a red undershirt and black pants, along with blue shoes.

    Gajeel on the other hand, has a black and white trench coat with the same emblem on the back, he has short, jaw length straight black hair. Crimson eyes, and most of his facial features are the same. His trench coat has tattered short sleeves and a tattered hem, he always carries a scythe with him. The attire underneath his jacket is rather the same. The only thing that differs about him is that the piercings in his face are gone, leaving him looking rather human. He had them removed, as a tribute to those who died in the invasion.

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