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    The Crimson Sea- Bios Empty The Crimson Sea- Bios

    Post by Xemnas on Fri Jul 15, 2011 1:16 am

    The Crimson Sea- Bios OnePiece_Luffy_The_Pirate_King

    Paramecia Limits:
    [Novice-Rookie] Super-Human Abilities
    [Experienced] Alter Features of their Bodies or Environment
    [Scourge] Manipulate and Generate Substances
    [Supernova] Producing and Manipulating an actual Element

    Zoan Limits:
    [Novice] Herbivorous Zoan
    [Rookie] Carnivorous Zoan
    [Experienced] Ancient Zoan
    [Scourge] Awakened Zoan
    [Supernova] Mythical Zoan

    Logia Limits:
    [Scourge] Moderate Mastery
    [Supernova] Mastered

    Haki Limits:
    [Experienced] Kenbunshoku Haki or Busoushoku Haki, Moderate
    [Scourge] Kenbunshoku Haki and or Busoushoku Haki, One Mastered other Moderate
    [Supernova] Kenbunshoku Haki and or Busoushoku Haki, both Mastered, Haoushoku Haki reserved for Captains

    Rokushiki Limits:
    [Rookie] One Mastered
    [Experienced] Three Mastered
    [Scourge] Five Mastered
    [Supernova] All mastered

    Super-Human Strength & Super-Human Speed Limits:
    [Novice] One Under Development
    [Rookie] One Moderate
    [Experienced] One Nearly Mastered, Other Moderate
    [Scourge] One Mastered, One Moderate
    [Supernova] Both Mastered

    Character Name:
    Title/Nickname: (What your character is known for)
    Ship Position: (Navigator, Cook, Doctor, Archaeologist, Shipwright, Musician)
    Crew: (Name of the Pirate Crew you belong to)
    Appearance: (Character description, and/or image)
    Personality (2 Paragraphs Minimum:
    Biography: (Character Background - 3 Paragraphs Minimum)
    Weapon: (Any weapons your character wields)
    Rank: (Novice, Rookie, Experienced, Scourge, or Supernova)
    Devil Fruit: (Name of your Devil Fruit along with its general abilities)
    Devil Fruit Techniques: (Techniques that require commands)
    Skills: (Swordsmanship, Hand-to-Hand Combat etc.)
    Super-Human Abilities: (Characters Super-Human Abilities and level of mastery)
    Haki: (Characters Haki techniques and level of mastery)
    Rokushiki: (Characters Rokushiki techniques, along with any variations plus their description and level of mastery)
    Additional Information:

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