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    Kylekaotikk [H E A D | A D M I N]

    Post by Kylekaotikk on Wed Jul 06, 2011 12:43 pm

    [H E A D | A D M I N | Kylekaotikk]

    Why the battle music you say? It introduces me perfectly.

    Hello!~ My name on the forums is Kylekaotikk but people just call me Kyle or the Kangaroo. Currently, I am the head admin of Fairy Tail: Revelations. I am fairly young, age of 15, but I know a lot more than you would think. I'm a guy that is very interested in what's going on in the world, I like to hear about anything that is happening. I've been on the site for about 4/5 months, something around there. Even being here for that short period of time, I have come to love everyone here as friends and as one massive family.

    Overall, I'm a nice guy but I can get a bit... defensive of small things. However, I do like talking to people on here ^^.

    I like many things, main anime's being Fairy Tail, bleach obviously, Tengen toppa gurren lagann and Hajime no ippo. I have been role-playing for about a year now. Even if you are starting out, don't fret if you are bad. You WILL get better. I started off extremely bad doing one liners, controlling characters, it was horrible. I have somewhat good experience and I like to make my posts as long as I can, it gives more detail for the opponent/other person to follow exactly what we are doing. When I'm not in the mood to post, I wont. I don't want Role-playing to become a chore rather than staying a fun hobby.

    ~To be continued~

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