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    Post by Xemnas on Fri Jul 15, 2011 7:48 am

    The Upgrade Shop 1079781-weaponshop_large


    Super Dash - An ability that allows your character to move faster then the speed of a sound for a post. *1,000 Jewels*

    Super Strength - An ability that allows your character super human strength for 3 posts *3,000 Jewels*

    Enhanced Eyesight - An ability that allows your character to see over 10 miles away, and use microscopic vision for 10 posts. *6,000 Jewels*

    Element Magic: Allows your character to control all elements for 15 posts. *10,000 Jewels*

    Invincibility: Gives your character immunity to all attacks for 3 posts *200,000,000 Jewels*


    Katana - A simple blade. *100 Jewels*

    Revolver 6 shooter - A simple Gun *100 Jewels*

    Rebellion - The sword of the Son of Sparda, Dante. It is known for its might and strength, it depends on the wielder. *10,000 Jewels*

    Ebon and Ivory - Dante's Dual Pistols, they have endless cartridges, since they run on magic. *15,000 Jewels*

    Soul Edge - The Legendary demon blade of Nightmare. Whoever wields it will become possessed with darkness. It grants one great strength. *25,000 Jewels*

    Soul Caliber - The great sword of light, it can come in many different forms, from a buster blade, to a staff. Its form depends on the wielders preference. *30,000 Jewels*

    The Master Sword and Shield - Link's Majestic weapons, they are said to be able to destroy evil. *15,000 Jewels*

    Heliotrope - The sword of the Netherworld, wielded by Raphael. It grants the user great speed and durability. *19,000 Jewels*

    A Wooden Crossbow - Van Helsing anyone? *3,000 Jewels*

    Alucards Guns - You know you want them. *150,000,000 Jewels*

    Ak-47 - Shoot em up. *500 Jewels*

    Automatic Shotgun - Say hello to my little friend. *1,000 Jewels*

    Bazooka - Lock and Load *1,500 Jewels*

    Two Pistols - Lookin for me? *2,000 Jewels*

    Grenades - BOOM. *3,000 Jewels*

    Flash Grenades - MY EYES! *3,500 Jewels*

    Incendiary Grenades - Burn! *4,000 Jewels*

    Mine - Watch ou- Too late. *5,000 Jewels*

    Sniper Rifle - I see you. *5,500 Jewels*

    Knife and Throwing Knives - Slash em up! *500 Jewels*

    Medkit - Medic! *1,000 Jewels*


    Batman's Costume - Isn't it awesome...gadgets included. *10,000 Jewels*

    Master Chief's Outfit - Oh yeah..HALO! *40,000 Jewels*

    The Expendables Uniform - You know you want it. *30,000 Jewels*

    Cloak Uniform - Invisible...Cool. Good for stealth. *30,500 Jewels*

    Enhanced Strength Uniform - What the name implies *10,000 Jewels*

    Enhanced Speed Uniform - What the name implies *5,000 Jewels*

    Enhanced Defense Uniform - What the name implies *5,000 Jewels*

    Vehicles and Transportation:

    F-Zero - Captain Falcon's airship, it can move at great speeds. *100,000 Jewels*

    The Gummi Ship - Sora's Spaceship which he uses to travel from world to world, you too can use this to breach the barriers between the different anime worlds in a crossover thread. *150,000 Jewels*

    A tank - A tank...awesome *10,000 Jewels*

    An offroad Jeep - Good for jungle operations. *5,000 Jewels*

    A Magical Flying tank that never runs out of Ammo - A Magical tank....awesomer. *250,000 Jewels*

    A Motorcycle - Great for racing and having a nice ride through the country. *2,000 Jewels*


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