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    Name: Saiyuki Setsumaru, was the name given to him by his Father, he said it was the name of a legendary warrior from the past and that it would give him good luck. So Far it has not failed him. Every time he would enter a room, people would bow to him, thinking he was the reincarnated of the Legendary Hero. He soon grew tired of this however, and assumed the name Sai. Which he still uses to this day.


    General Mood: Sai is usually calm and laid back, not wanting anything to do with activity, keeping to himself and staying out of trouble. People say he should live up to his namesake, but he just blots them out, deciding on his own free way of life. This is how the man named Saiyuki Setzumaru Acts on a daily basis.

    Angry: This guy hardly frowns, but when he does...get the fuck out. When Sai loses his temper and goes on a rampage, it is usually one that ends in several death's, for he cannot control himself when he is angry, it is one of the faults for him always hiding his emotions, they explode when he snaps. Only someone that he knows very well can break him out of his rage.

    Fighting Spirit: Sometimes Saiyuki enters a state where he wants to enjoy a fight, it is a friendly fighting spirit of course, full of honest fighting chi. He tends to pick a fight with the first person he comes in contact with, regardless of their sex, and usually ends up getting his ass kicked. This is one of his weaknesses, although it is quite hilarious when he's in this state.

    Scared: When there comes a time to be scared, its when Sai runs away like a little girl, he doesn't scare easily, but when he does run away, its time to cut your losses and run. His speed at running away is unrivaled, due to him running away all the time when he was a child. He was always bullied when he was younger, thus giving him incredible running speed, and great escaping skills.

    Happy: When you get Saiyuki to laugh, it usually takes a VERY long time for him to calm down, he's great at parties because he's mostly the life of it, telling great jokes and stories from his youth. A great guy to be around.

    Sad: Rarely does Sai get down, but if he does, he stays depressed for weeks...its really hard to cheer him up, not even fighting would cheer him up in a situation like this. Either he needs a smack to the face or he needs to snap out of it on his own.

    Gender: Male of course...unless I missed something.

    Age: His age is known to be 18, although some say 20, and others say 15.

    Voice Pitch:

    Casual Voice: Medium-pitched, usually something lazy sounding, and unmotivated.

    Angry Voice: Always yelling and hard to make out the words.

    Fighting Voice: Same as Angry, except usually just the words "FIGHT WITH ME!"

    Happy Voice: Laughing, light styled, and loud.

    Sad Voice: Quiet...and depressed, one can sense a melancholy tone.



    A Man rushed through the muddy village roads, his face beaded with sweat, his black hair waving furiously as he nearly tripped a few times. It was soon, his son was going to be born soon! He couldn't believe he allowed himself to be late! He burst through the doors of his house and made his way up the stairs, his son had been born without any problems, he collapsed in happiness. He crawled over to his wife and kissed her, before taking his newborn son and cradling him, he took note of his hazel eyes, ones that seemed full of knowledge.

    He sighed and gave his son back to his wife. "I think I know what we should name him." He said shakily, still tired from the sprinting.

    Thus, Saiyuki Setzumaru was born.


    "Momma! I'm scared!" Cried Saiyuki as he hugged the back of his mothers leg, they were at the edge of a graveyard, where strange happenings were said to be occurring. She touched him on the head, and smiled warmly. "It's okay dear, its going to be alright."

    Together the two of them made their way through the graveyard, it was scary enough, but it was about to get a whole lot worst. An explosion happened only a few feet away from them and a man stood their, he had dark lustrous hair, and golden eyes. He looked straight at them and said the words. "Time for you to die."

    It was a few moments before Saiyuki could understand what had happened, his mother was lying on the ground before him, covered in blood. He turned around frantically looking for the one who killed his mother, young Sai was only 10 years old, he knew nothing of the outside world. He found the murderer standing right behind him, and screamed in fright, but before he got away, the man was choking him. The world was going black...he couldn't feel his body limbs anymore...it hurt...so much, the pain was unbearable. Tears spilled down his cheeks and onto the ground, his eyeballs rolled into the back of his head as Saliva poured from his mouth, he was dying....he was going to be killed. His muscles tensed up, his arms went slack, it was over....he was dea-

    A Gunshot..that was all he heard...then..silence.

    The birds were chirping, the sunlight spilled into the window, and bathed Saiyuki's sleeping form in warmth. His eyes opened slowly as he made out his surroundings, was this heaven? He looked around and saw a man sitting in the corner of the room, his eyes cast down.

    "Hello! Who are you!?" Shouted Sai louder then he intended.

    The man opened his golden cat-like eyes and looked at Saiyuki. "Just a bounty hunter...nothing more is of your concern, your lucky I saved you in time, that guy almost killed you, but eh, its none of my concern now, go wherever you wish." Said the man with gray hair. He stood abruptly, his black long coat flowing behind him, he leaped out of the window and into the shadows of the alley below, he was gone from sight.

    It was odd, thought Sai. Why was he saved...was it really his namesake that had protected him? He made his way out of the room slowly and creaked down the stairs, and into the Living room. He picked up a wanted poster and read it. "Bounty hunter huh?"

    ~Early Teenage Years~

    His prey was getting away, thought the blonde haired man as raced down the road in lower Tokyo, his white long coat billowing behind him. This was Saiyuki Setzumaru, age 12, Occupation: Bounty Hunter. He pulled out his pistol and aimed it at the person running away from him, despite running at 4 miles per hour, he took aim, and pulled the trigger, getting a perfect shot right above the knee-cap. He was a crack shot. He threw the older man over his shoulder and turned him into the police, receiving the reward, it wasn't a big one, but it was enough to sustain his lifestyle.

    He was wandering along the road back to his home when he first ran into that man...the one that murdered his mother and tried to murder him. They walked past each other, time seeming to stop...an intake of breath, the cocking of a gun...a gunshot. It was Saiyuki who was on the ground in pain, holding his right shoulder.

    The man loomed over him and smirked. "My name is Kazunax, it is best that you remember that...Saiyuki Setzumaru." With that he turned on his heel and walked into the darkness, leaving Sai there to bleed.

    "I'll kill you...I swear." Setzumaru said under his breath as he stood up groggily and trudged home to take care of his wound. His life had just gotten a lot more complicated.

    ~Present Times~

    "Oh boy...this is a predicament." said Setzu as he stood overlooking the ruins of Magnolia, some years back he had been summoned here...although he didn't know how. He turned his back on the town and meandered away, a cane in his right hand and a fedora on his head. Making his way down the path he had come from, he came across some Highway robbers, who wanted his money, oddly enough they were girls.

    "I've never been assaulted by men in Tutu's before." Said Sai with an air of mockery as he raised an eyebrow. He raised his hands in defeat and let out a chuckle. "Well have at me then, I can't raise my hands against Women." The girls were obviously enraged by this remark and left, stomping off into the wounds to cool off.

    "Works every time." He said to himself and no one in particular as he took a nice evening stroll through the woods. "Tralalalal, Lalalala~" He hummed as he walked, to no tune at all. It was like he was announcing his presence to everyone. No one came and he sighed, it was awfully boring in the woods at Twilight. He decided to ignore this loneliness and continued to walk down the dark path.


    Hair Color: A short, yet long spiky yellow color, its what gives him away on stealth missions most of the time. It is usually shined with Gel and gives off a great smell that attracts the ladies to him.

    Eye Color: A Hazel/Purple color, this one striking detail of his sends fear into his opponents. His Irises being Hazel and his Pupils being Purple, quite fearsome don't you think?

    Skin Tone: A pale, tannish color. Its proof of his always working under the cover of night. Odd really.

    Body Build: Athletic, yet he appears scrawny from a distance, leading people to thinking he's a weak person and thus leading to them picking on him...bad move.

    Hair Length: Jaw-Length hair when spiked, and shoulder length when let down. He's often mistaken as a girl when his hair is down, so he wears it spiked, to avoid confusion.

    Accessories: A Pair of red Shades, and a cigarette, he believes these make his look extremely badass and also wears them so people don't notice his oddly colored eyes.

    Things on skin: Scar on upper right shoulder from bullet wound. The very same bullet wound that was given to him by Kazunax.


    Favorite Sport: He enjoys the sport of Chess, he claims that it has a calming effect on his mind and he enjoys doing it.

    Active?: Sai almost constantly exercises. Its rare to see him not active. However, he is very lazy as well, so sometimes for weeks he ends up laying around the house just getting fat, this is another one of his weaknesses.

    Magic that allows him to gain Physical strength, it isn't much, but due to his already incredible inhuman strength,speed and stamina, it may make a difference in a fight. When he uses this magic, he gains a green aura that gives him a boost in speed as well. It comes in very handy, he calls it, Blaze Fist.

    Home Dimension: Tokyo, Japan.

    Martial art?:

    Fighting Styles:

    Muay Thai: A Killing art that makes use of Boxing mixed with taekwondo and various other arts. This uses elbows and knee's which are usually outlawed

    Jeet Kun Do: A Style Developed by the Legendary Bruce Lee, it combines Kung fu and Taekwondo for swift kicks and punches.

    Karate: The most widely used martial art, however this is the ancient style which was focused on intently killing the opponent, no moves are held back here.


    Muay Thai Abilities:

    Spinning Back fist: user spins on his feet and delivers a killing backhand to his foe.
    Cobra: Grabs the Opponents head with both hands and knee's them 5 times in the face.

    Karate Abilities:

    Yamazaki: Most opponents like to defend their face, so they don't notice two punches thrown simultaneously, one at the face and one at the stomach.

    Sword Styles:

    Hiten Mitsurugi Style: Sai practices the Hiten Mitsurugi-ryū (飛天御剣流?, lit. "Flying Heaven Honorable Sword Style"), also referred to as "Ultrasonic Sword Style," a ancient sword art. Sai's mastery of the style enables him to exercise superhuman speed and reflexes, study and predict his opponent's movements in battle, as well as perform many powerful sword techniques. Among several of his Hiten Mitsurugi-ryū and battōjutsu skills, Sai can utilize Shinsoku (神速?, lit. "God-speed"), which allows him to quickly overpower and dispatch opponents with his sword before they have time to react.

    Ittoryu: Simple using of one blade. or anything that has an edge.

    Weapons?: A .45 Pistol and a katana.

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    RP: 5

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