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    Post by Kylekaotikk on Wed Jul 06, 2011 3:00 pm

    Gildarts Clive

    "When one is happy everyone will be happy, when one is outraged everyone will be outraged, and when one is sad everyone will be sad."

    Gildarts Clive Fairy_tail_chap_233__gildarts_by_3bada-d3g3fvj-1Gildarts Clive Fairy_tail_chap_233__gildarts_by_3bada-d3g3fvj-1Gildarts Clive Fairy_tail_chap_233__gildarts_by_3bada-d3g3fvj-1

    The day was cold, the air around the man was fierce and snowy. What was he doing here? That was a good question, not even Gildarts knew. This is what happened when he went out for a walk and nobody ever knew where he was going, not even himself. Snow constantly hit his jacket, pounding harder and harder on him. The sleet also rained down from the sky smashing into his face. Covering his body, was a large black trench coat he can normally be found in while his normally slicked back hair was dangling in front of him. Underneath, he was wearing a blood red shirt which could probably be seen from miles away. Apart from the settlement held up by the guilds, the snowy mountains were probably the only other place that was not destroyed or inhabited by Kazunax's troops... or so he thought. As he walked through, the smell of smoke filled the air constantly until he reached his destination. Gildarts stood on top of a snowy hill which overlooked an Kazunax outpost, different types of mages scattered throughout burning trees and attempting to

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