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    Post by ScarletTitania on Sun Jul 17, 2011 1:54 am


    Name: Yukari Kishimura
    Personality: Yukari is very optimistic most of the time. She is friendly and willing to help out anyone who she deems an ally. If she deems someone an enemy, she will not hold back her powers to destroy them. She is very skilled at analysing her opponent's weaknesses and strengths. She loves her Celestial Spirits, and refuses to treat them like tools.
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19
    Voice Pitch: Medium-low
    History: Yukari was born about nine years before Kazunax invaded in a little village not far from Magnolia. Once the dark mage invaded, the destruction of innocent towns and villages began. One of the unlucky villages was hers.

    Yukari watched helplessly as her home world was destroyed by Kazunax's troops. Her parents, and several other mages from the village tried to help defend, but to no avail. They were all killed within seconds. Yukari stood with trembling legs as one soldier attempted to kidnap her. In a wave of fury, she stole his sword from his belt and plunged it into his chest, leaving him for dead as she quickly made her escape.

    Several days later, she arrived at the outskirts of Magnolia, where she noticed a few mages running about. After approaching one of them, she learned that they were from Fairy Brigade, once named Fairy Tail, but had been forced to change their name due to the changing times.

    Yukari was impressed, and vowed to assist the resistance any way she could after that meeting.

    Hair Color: Black (with red highlights)
    Eye Color: Crimson
    Skin Tone: Pale
    Body Build: Slim
    Hair Length: Waist length
    Accessories: Leather studded belt worn around her waist, black, elbow-length arm warmers.
    Things on skin: None

    Favorite Sport: Walking
    Active?: Yes
    -Celestial Spirit Magic: Yukari possesses a host of keys that open the gates to several Celestial Spirits.


    Golden Keys

    -Pisces, the Twin Fish-Yukari can summon Pisces, which takes the form of twin young men who are shackled at the wrists together. Both of them have blue hair, and if summoned in the water, they both sprout mermen tails.

    -Whirlpool-When summoned in the water, Pisces' main attack is a whirlpool. They both swim very fast in a circle to suck their opponent in the water, then they both rise up to form a tornado, which throws the opponent a considerable distance.

    -Phoenix, the fire bird-Yukari can summon Phoenix, a fiery bird. He has the ability to spit out fire.

    -Lupus, the Wolf-Yukari can summon Lupus, a silver wolf with black-tipped ears and a red-tipped tail. He serves as a tracker.

    -Pegasus, the winged horse-Yukari can summon Pegasus, a winged, white horse. He serves as transportation for Yukari if she doesn't have any. His main attack is releasing a powerful gust of wind from his wings.

    -Serpens, the Snake-Serpens takes the form of a golden snake with startling blue eyes. He has the ability to bind people.

    -Poison Bite-Serpens' signature move is his Poison Bite. Once Serpens bites an opponent, he will release a slow-acting poison in their bodies. The poison will ultimately paralyse their muscles and they will die a slow and painful death. The only way to counteract this is to inject or inhale another poison to neutralize it.

    -Draco, the Dragon-Draco takes the form of a crimson European dragon with black spikes along his neck and tail. He has the ability to breathe fire.

    Silver Keys
    -Telescopium-A Spirit that takes the form of a telescope. He serves as a visual aid.

    -Sagitta-A Spirit that takes the form of a bow and arrow. Yukari uses her as a weapon to aid her in battle.

    -Monoceros-A Spirit that takes the form of a unicorn. He serves more of a pet for Yukari as a weapon. His main attack is releasing a rainbow beam from his horn.

    Home Dimension: Earthland

    Martial art?: None

    Weapons?: A katana she keeps on her belt.

    RP sample:
    "Open the Gate of the Arrow, Sagitta!"

    The unmistakable sound of a Celestial mage opening one of the gates to the Celestial World rang out through the forest as nineteen year old Yukari Kishimura, who was hiding under the shadows of a tree, held up a silver key that she possessed.

    Instantly, a bow and arrow appeared before her. The mage smiled as her crimson eyes combed the forest for her target: a soldier who was serving one of her enemies. She had been observing his activity after discovering him at a village. After approaching him, under the guise that she was a part of a Dark Guild herself, she got the information that she wanted. He was going to alert his fellow troops late in the night, so they could destroy the village during the early hours of the morning the next day.

    "Do you spot him, Sagitta?" she asked. Sagitta glowed, and then, her arrow pointed to the north. Yukari sneaked a glance. Sagitta was right. In the moonlight, she spotted him, wandering around. He looked unarmed, but Yukari knew better.

    "Ready, Sagitta?" she asked as she drew the arrow back into the bow. The soldier was approaching, getting closer by the minute.

    When he was about fifty meters away, Yukari noticed him stop. She slipped behind her tree further.

    Damn, did he notice me?she wondered, panicking for a moment. She sighed with relief when he bent down and noticed that his shoe was untied. He began to tie it.

    Now! the mage thought impulsively as she fired the arrow. She struck home as the arrow pierced deep into the soldier's chest. He keeled over, dead.

    She reached out and grabbed Sagitta's bloody arrow.

    "Good job, Sagitta!" she praised as she quickly dashed off to find a source of water so that she could wash the arrow off.
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