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    Post by Xemnas on Wed Jul 06, 2011 9:16 pm

    Gajeel Redfox[Finished] Gajeel-1


    The wind was blowing harshly, the clouds racing overhead. It was cold....and desolate. It was just the place for revenge. Gajeel thought as he stood overlooking the ruins of Magnolia, his jaw-length hair waving in the breeze, just as his black and white long coat was. He gritted his teeth and stepped forward once more, he was going to kill Kazunax, even if it was the last thing he did. Rushing down the edge of the cliff, at a frightening speed, he completely surprised the guard garrison at its base, and plowed through them like a freight train. He deflected their spears and leaped through the volley's of flaming arrows that were shot at him, his years fighting a war made fighting a natural instinct for him, even more so then before. He was caught on the side of his cheek, an arrow whistling by his face...missing by inches, his heart leapt into his throat, that was a close one. Swearing at himself for his overconfidence, he retreated back a few paces to gain a range advantage. He inhaled a vast amount of air, the ground shaking around him.

    "Tetsuryū no Hōkō!!!!" He bellowed as the wave of metal and wind smashed into the enemies ranks, completely decimating them. It was scary enough that he was this powerful, but even more scary that he was stronger then he was 10 years ago, when he was in his prime.

    He looked up to see another volley of fire arrows heading straight towards him, he avoided them barely, getting cut a few times. That was when he heard that a ship had been sighted, it docked near the enemy flanks and it wore the enemies insignia...he was in trouble.

    That was when he heard the sound of bells....there was someone standing on top of the mast of the ship.

    "What's the matter? The party over already!?" said a voice from the mast, he leaped down from it, landing with a thud on the ground in enemy lines. His weapons were two daggers....and as soon as he landed, he had cut down at least 25 troops. "Help won't be coming! I paid them a visit already!" The man yelled as he decimated the enemy lines, causing their formation to crumble.

    Gajeel Redfox[Finished] 20110304085226!Ganning-dw7

    He was like an unstoppable monster, no matter what they threw at him, he cut it down. His bells marking his position, it didn't matter, they could no where he was, but it they would still die. Eventually only him, and the enemy general faced off. The enemy general was a mage and wasn't about to fall. He summoned fire and shot it at the mysterious warrior. Who....ran straight through it, and cut down the mage, his blade tearing through flesh like butter, blood spilling everywhere....when the smoke cleared, all that could be seen was a silhouette and red eyes....like a demon.

    Gajeel gulped, he was shaking....why was he shaking? Was he truly afraid? What was with this man before him...he had never seen someone so strong. He backed away in spite of himself and ended up against the wall he had slid down, he almost panicked when the figure turned toward him and began walking forwards, at a slow, lazy pace. He finally laid a hand on Gajeel's shaking shoulder, when the man known as Redfox looked up, he wasn't seeing a demon, but a smiling friendly face.

    "Sorry if I scared you man, I get carried away in a fight...those guys were weaklings." The brownish haired man said, before yawning and falling straight back onto the ground, with a solid thud. His hands behind his head, and his legs crossed. "Name's Shiba Masahiro. Nice to meet ya." Shiba said as he looked straight at the sky and spoke one more time.

    "And I'm going kick Kazunax's ass."
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