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    Post by Elendril on Tue Jul 12, 2011 8:05 pm


    Voice Pitch:Medium.
    History:Personality: Rain is very selfish. Everything that he does he does for him. He could care less about anyone or anything else. If it does not benefit him. He does not help. This is the way rain was raised and brought up by his father. Get yours before every one else or before you care about anyone else. It is a very big thing since this is the morale of Rain's life. He does nothing for no one but himself.

    Manipulator: Elendril is very manipulative. He is known for manipulating people to do what he does. He usaly does it by promising them thing's that they want and need. But truly he never gives it to them. It is the main way he gets his things done.

    Stratagist: Elendril is very tactical in his plan's. Doing everything he does in a process. He thinks’ every thing threw. But he does not think to hard. But he always does his best to stay at least two step's above the enemy's. Helping him always be the one on top. Because he treat's the world like King of the Hill. And if you’re on top you’re the king. But if you’re not on the top. Then your nothing but a waste of time.

    Loyalty: Loyalty is something Elendril knows very well. Since he has Loyalty for those that have deserved his loyalty in one way or another. But getting his loyalty is not that easy. To get it one must prove them self to Elendril


    Hair Color:Red
    Eye Color:Hazle
    Skin Tone:Black
    Body Build:Skinny
    Hair Length:Long
    Things on skin: Tattoo on right arm


    Favorite Sport: Football
    Magic:Fire God Slayer
    Home Dimension:N/A
    Martial art?:Ninjutsu and tiger and snake style
    Weapons?:a sword
    RP sample:http://bleachplatinumhearts.motionforum.net/t3439-the-training-of-the-guard-s-open-to-iramasha-guard-s-only

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