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    Gray Fullbuster sat on the edge of a massive stone cliff that overlooked a narrow dirt road located in between two mountains; his shoeless feet dangling off the edge. This path wasn’t known to most people, but Kazunax knew more than “most people.” A blazing anger flared in the mage’s eyes as he watched the army marching through the hidden route towards yet another innocent town. It was unquestionable that HE was responsible for this display of military power. The member of the Fairy Brigade clenched a shaking left fist in rage and watched as the veins bulged. Gray only had to wait a little bit longer before he could reap his vengeance.

    It had been ten years since Kazunax had invaded. Ten long years. The “thing” seemed to have been born from pure darkness, a demon of the worst kind, as Kazunax seemed to have no capacity for mercy or forgiveness. The being also had immense magical power, and it was rumored that he had more than even Zeref at his prime. The magical guilds, housings hundreds of powerful mages, fell when they tried to combat the evil. The Dark Guilds, some rumored to have unstoppable magic power, fell at Kazunax’s whim. Gray winced as he remembered watching some of his fellow Fairy Tail members fall in seconds. A lone tear now dropped down from his eye, a tribute to the countless lives that had been lost.

    Gray was now 28, a man compared to the 18 year old boy that he used to be. His appearance hadn’t changed much, other than the fact that he now had some stubble on his face. After 10 intense years of training with the Fairy Brigade, a group of mages that were rising up to defeat Zeref, Gray had refined his “Ice-Make” magic past an S-class mark. The mage’s body had become more toned and muscular, allowing him to further advance his hand-to-hand combat skills. Looking down at the advancing army below, Gray realized that he would be able to defeat all of them with no backup.

    It was a simple matter for Kazunax to provide his soldiers with the best of weaponry, but he had made it all non-magical so that they would remain magicless insects in front of him. However, if the army entered the unaware town, there would be no battle, there would only be a slaughter. Kazunax would not have his way today; Gray silently promised the innocents living in the town as the mage seethed in rage. As a member of the Fairy Tail Brigade, he would not allow more lives to be thrown away at Kazunax’s whim.

    The mage felt powerful today, and his magic was welling up within him, ready to be unleashed on Gray’s foes. The soldiers in Kazunax’s army were moving in lines of 3 due to the narrow path, therefore preventing them from moving freely. The mage unconsciously took off his shirt for the coming battle; it was a habit that he hadn’t been able to break over 10 years. Emblazoned on his left pectoral was the mark of the Fairy Brigade, the Fairy Tail mark with a horizontal scar going through it. The symbol represented a time of change, for the Fairy Brigade was simply Fairy Tail in an age of darkness.

    Taking the stance required to initiate his magic, Gray jumped off the cliff as he started to create a slide. As he slid down, he added more and more to slide. This was done silently so that the soldiers below would not have the first attack. When he finally reached a point at which he could jump without breaking any bones, he decided to make his move.

    Jumping off the slide, Gray kicked a warrior in the back of his unguarded head. The soldier made a loud grunt as the mage kicked his body into the ground to break his own fall. Eyes turned and jaws dropped as the soldiers in the army recognized who was within their ranks. A shirtless mage from the Fairy Brigade...it was the legendary “Ice-Make” wizard known as Gray Fullbuster. Many of the officers silently prayed due to their fear of this man’s power.

    “Aisu Meiku...Furoa! (Ice-Make...Floor!” ” Gray cried out in rage as his magic caused the area below the army to turn into ice. Since it had been only seconds since they had seen the man, no soldiers had been able to draw their weapons. Many men fell down, landing on their stomachs, and others desperately attempted to maintain their balance by waving their arms about in the air. However, Gray was easily able to stand on the ice due to his training, and he effortlessly slid around fallen soldier’s clumsy attempts to grab his legs. With nobody besides the mage having any sense of balance, Gray utilized the opportunity to launch more magic.

    “Aisu Meiku... Ni-jū no Gaizā! (Ice-Make...Dual Geyser!)” Suddenly, the ground below the soldiers began to rumble, leading many to attempt to crawl away in a futile effort to escape an obvious attack. However, on the ice, it was impossible for most. Sharpened spikes composed of ice broke out of the ground at several points and skewered many soldiers on their long points. Men watched with horror on their faces as comrades were killed in instants. Gray recoiled for a moment, his face a mask of disgust for a brief moment before he remembered who these men were. They were men who had been allured to join the ranks of Kazunax through propaganda and brain-washing. As much as the Fairy Brigade mage hated to admit it, there was no other way to stop these men other than killing them.

    Now, only a few survivors remained on the field and Gray watched them attempt to crawl away on the blood-stained ice. The gruesome horror that some of the soldiers had seen was enough to break the brainwashing that these men had spent years under. After those men got off the ice, they ran away screaming at the top of their lungs, dropping their weapons and armor in the process. However, there was one man who had managed to regain his footing on the ice. The man’s arm had been pierced by one of the spikes, but the soldier had ripped it out. Gray assumed that this man was either very loyal or very stupid.

    “Lo...Lord Kazunax will get you, you know. All of his enemies shall be laid to ruin before him...for he is A GOD!!!” The man screamed at the top of his lungs as he rushed towards Gray in blood-lust, a long serrated sword drawn to kill the mage. Gray sighed. He admired the man’s tenacity, but such loyalty to Kazunax could not be left on this planet.

    “Aisu Meisu...” Gray chanted, feeling the magic welling up within him, ready to take on whatever form had wished it to take. The man had drawn several feet closer, so close that in a few seconds he would reach the mage and be able to slice him. However, the Fairy Brigade member had no intention of letting this happen.

    “Taihō! (Cannon!)” A massive weapon appeared in his hand, which Gray placed on his shoulder. In an instant, a massive ball of ice was fired with a deafening sound accompanying it. Gray flew back several feet from the sheer force. The ice ball caught the man in his stomach and propelled him at least a hundred meters back before exploding into millions of ice shards and killing the man. It all appeared to be a gruesome firework to him. Gray then sighed and walked away. He needed to meditate for a while after this, to take the weight of killing off of his conscious.
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