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    Post by Tempelriddaren on Thu Jul 21, 2011 9:15 am

    She opened her eyes and the first thing she saw is ceiling, she was on a bed. Slowly got up; she realized that she wasn’t wearing her armor but pajamas as well as some bandages. Her head still spin like hell, as if she was knocked down by a monstrous beast but at least she still remembered her name, Erza Knightwalker. The red-haired knightress groaned in pain as she felt her wounds not completely healed yet, she received them during her struggle against thousands of unknown assailants during an invasion on Edolas. She managed to kill some of them but her serious wounds forbid her to go on and she almost lost her life, until a mysterious knight came to her rescue. As just before she went unconscious in her rescuer’s arms, Erza remembered the knight’s face were covered with a great helm as well as his… cyan glowing eyes.

    ”You are awake, that is a sign of relief.” a male voice was heard and the knight immediately turned around to know who was it. It was a man, with long blonde hair and turquoise eyes… as well as his smile; Erza admitted that this man is a little… charming. There’s one strange thing about the mysterious man; he was dressed in white robes and a red cross were patched in the middle of the torso. ”… Where am I?” she asked rather weakly as the mysterious man sat beside her, he brought set of a jar of water, food and a clean pewter cup. ”Fortress of the Grail, the safest place in Fiore and keeps you away from Kazunax’s forces. You’re in Earthland now, knightress of Edolas.” Earthland? Not Edolas? Why she is here? And how did the mysterious knight brought her here, in Earthland? Erza remembered about her king Jellal, she was separated from him along with other Edolas forces during the unknown invasion. The knightress tried to get off from the bed but she couldn’t, the wounds were so painful until they made her scream in pain.

    ”Don’t! Although you already awake, you wounds still not he-“ before the mysterious man could said something, Erza grabbed the fork from the food set and pushed him until they reached the wall, she aimed the fork at his throat. ”DON’T YOU DARE GIVE ME ORDERS! Although you are just a mere doctor, that doesn’t mean I won’t kill you!” she shouted right in front of the man’s face, but he did not show his fear or anger. The man sighed for a while as he looked at the knight in the eyes, ”Stubborn patient…” he muttered and in a flash, he grabbed Erza’s hand and forced her to drop the fork. She was too weak to fight him and the man pushed Erza onto the ground. Before she could move, the man drew out a dagger from the back of his waist and aimed it at Erza which immediately stopped her resist. ”You were almost right about me for being a doctor but I’m not just that, I’m also the knight who saved you in Edolas… Don’t believe me? Here.” the mysterious man closed his turquoise eyes and opened them again to the knightress. To Erza’s shock, the man’s eyes were glowing in cyan color and it was exactly the same eyes of her mysterious rescuer. ”… What… are you?” she asked in shock and awe.

    The man said nothing after sheathed his dagger back into the sheath, then he lifted up Erza and placed her on the bed gently. ”What am I? That is an interesting question… I’m Leonardo for being a bard and a doctor. Or you can call me Raphael for being a marshal and knight commander of the Grail Templars.” the man said to Erza with his smile and he poured the water from the jar into the pewter cup. ”Here, it’s not poisoned or drugged.” Raphael gave the pewter cup to Erza, she couldn’t tell that her savior either joked or being sarcastic. ”… So you are a marshal and knight commander of the… Templars? That means you commanded the whole… Templars.” she asked Raphael as she took the cup and took a little sip from it. ”Oh! No… no… I’m just… let just say a lieutenant in a platoon. My grandmaster is the one who led the whole Templars against Kazunax’s forces.” Kazunax? She heard about the name and no doubt that the invasion forces were led by him. Erza put the pewter cup beside her and look at Raphael with her serious facial appearance.

    ”If you and the Templars were up against the one who invaded my homeworld, I’m in.”
    ”You are going to join our crusade?… Not with your condition right now… But I can arrange that after you are fully-recovered.”
    ”I’ve suffered more wounds in the past. These are just scratches, Raphael and they can’t stop me from getting into a battle.”
    ”You sounds like an egoistic mercenary. But I am admiring your strength, my lady.”
    ”I am not your lady, Templar. I’m Erza Knightwalker, captain of Edolas Royal Army.

    Raphael’s face immediately went priceless and he stared at Erza in the eyes blankly. ”… Are you thinking that I am related to Erza Scarlet? She is my… Earthland version and I’m her Edolas version, any problem with that?” she asked Raphael rather in cold and calm demeanor tone. ”… Of course not. I don’t even know what kind of a person I am in Edolas. Anyhow I assumed you have met Erza Scarlet of the Fairy Tail? Earthland is in a brink of war and the Fairy Tail Guild had become a resistance faction like us but I’ve heard most of their members were killed.” he told Erza. Earthland Fairy Tail turned into resistance movement? Sounded like Edolas’s Fairy Tail before the arrival of Erza Scarlet and her friends. ”Then… Is Scarlet dead?” she asked Raphael and there were a total silence around them for a moment. ”Ooo… I doubt that, her Re-quip magic skills are undefeatable and I’ve heard that few days ago she slew thousands of Kazunax’s knights and mages… Anyhow, get some rest Knightwalker, you need it.” Raphael said to Erza and he left the room. The knightress looked at the window for a while and she smiled, ”Erza Scarlet… I hope we meet again someday.” she said to herself.

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