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    A Templar and A Knight [Erza Scarlet]


    Favorite Fairy tail character : Erza Scarlet
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    Re: A Templar and A Knight [Erza Scarlet]

    Post by ScarletTitania on Sun Aug 07, 2011 9:47 pm

    "I see," Erza commented. Her eyes flickered everywhere as she took in the sights of the city. She waited patiently as David received a letter from a guard.

    Her eyes widened as she heard the news. Their king was going to take part of the resistance.

    She smiled in gratitude. "I know. Hopefully, all of Fairy Tail will take his assistance with gratitude...."

    She, Yukari, Kagura, and David walked down a hallway and stopped in front of a guest room. David told Erza to get a good rest. Erza nodded.

    "I understand," she said, as she sat gingerly on the bed.


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    Re: A Templar and A Knight [Erza Scarlet]

    Post by Tempelriddaren on Wed Aug 10, 2011 12:48 pm

    "... Raphael." David made a gesture to his brother, who nodded in silence and left the guest room for a while. David later unlocked his iron plate spaulders and place them on the table nearby, he will collect them soon enough.

    David left the guest room for a while and before he could stepped out from the door, David saw his sister Mhairi was standing near the door with a bundle of white lilies. "Here you go, Balian... It's her favorite," Mhairi said as she handle the flowers over her elder brother. David look at the flowers for a while, it is his late betrothed's favorite flowers. "Takk, lillasyster. Take care of our guests, will you?" David smiled to his younger sister and walked away from her... she could felt the sadness aura around her elder brother.

    David walked to the courtyard and approached a tombstone. He crouched down for a while and placed the white lilies on it... David's head bowed down for a while, a total silence.

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