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    Post by zlorecile on Sat Jul 16, 2011 8:22 pm


    Name: Calista Kai

    Personality: Calista is very unenthusiastic and disliking conflict and work, often she pretends she is too stupid or weak to do anything. It takes a while to get her up and moving to do something and she would rather run from a fight. Not because she is a coward, though she will use that excuse, but because it is too annoying and troublesome to get involved. When she does get involved, most cannot guess what she is going to do or what move she will make, because she often does so on the spur of the moment.

    Calista, despite the fact that she would rather not get involved, will step up when she is needed. She has a strong moral compass and she would sacrifice herself for those she holds dear. She is a natural born leader-something she refuses to acknowledge-and one of her greatest strengths is strategics.

    It is ironic, but despite the fact that Calista has never had any real loyalty, the thing that she values more than anything is the meaning of friendship and comrades. Those who try and attack or hurt their friends in any way are less than scum to her.

    Males are something that Calista typically will not bother with. She sees being in a relationship as a waste of time, and troublesome. A free spirit, being tied down to someone and always nagged by them is something that repulses her. Ironically, despite that she has a strong love for children and believes they are the future of the world, pure and innocent and that should be protected.

    Calista will not tell anyone what she is feeling, and often hides behind her lazy attitude. She refuses to speak of her past to anyone, and she often tells people not to rely on her. A secretive girl, nobody knows much about her. Overall her emotions are pretty non-existent be it happy, sad, angry or surprised.

    Gender: Female

    Age: 20

    Voice Pitch:
    Calista has a very calm, smooth voice that does not change with her temper nor her attitude mostly because her mood rarely changes. It is a soothing voice that turns sweeter when around children.

    History:(2 paragraphs Minimal)

    Calista was never a regular girl. Running away to a Onibus town with her little brother Zakari at age 13 after an incident with her violent parents that she refuses to talk about, Calista and Zakari lived in a slum house and barely made enough money to feed themselves. Calista did many things to keep them going like becoming waitress and shopkeeper. When she was 15 it changed when she was picked up by a woman who saw her potential to be a model. Her manager devoted all of her time to her and soon she rose to become on the cover of quite a few magazines and shows.

    After becoming a model, her lifestyle and Zakari’s improved dramatically. She was able to afford things that she never would have been able to otherwise such as a nice apartment and was for the first time, truly happy with her little brother.

    The day after Zakari’s 6th birthday on July 13th however, when Calista was 17, Zakari drowned in the ocean due to an accident that refuses to speak of but blames herself for, as she believes she could have prevented it. She was doing a swimsuit photo shoot at a beach with her little brother. The ocean had high waves and was a dangerous place to swim, but it fit the theme for the shoot. She let Zakari go off and play on his own while she worked.

    Zakari, whom she had not been able to spend much time with lately due to her high demand of jobs, went off to find a seashell for her. He wanted to find one that would make her notice him and be happy, so he went a little deeper into the ocean. Being only 6, he was not able to swim. Calista does not know how exactly, but the next time she looked over to him he was a few meters out into the ocean and the waves were pulling him under. She did what instincts told her and tried to get to him to save him.

    Before she reached the water, her makeup artist and cameraman grabbed her and stopped her. Calista is still torn apart over the fact that she knows the last thing her little brother saw was her trying to save him, and that he probably didn't understand why she didn't.

    After the incident, Calista grew withdrawn from others and hid any emotion. She promptly quit modeling and went into hiding for a few months until she was forgotten. During this time she explored the land and 'did what it took to survive'. She joined a group of bandits and went from lawful good, to neutral evil. It remained that way for a few months until she came back to their camp to find that a guild had was taking care of them, most likely hired by a near town.

    She saw the powers of the guild and remembered her own. Fleeing from the site, she knew that what she had been doing up until then was wrong. Calista had disgraced the memory of her little brother, who she considered to be like her son. Deciding right then that she needed to stop, she swore to never turn into someone like that again.

    When Calista turned 18, she came back from her seclusion, Calista acted differently, harder and even more shut off from others. Her eyes were darker with some of the things she did. She hasn't spoken to anyone about what she did while she was under the radar and part of the bandit group, she goes stiff when someone mentions it.

    She has since become a traveler, searching for ways to become more powerful and a guild to join so she can become like the one that snapped her out of her ways. Calista's main reason for becoming stronger is so that she can protect those she loves. She wants to become stronger so that she can prevent accidents from happening in the future and so she can change the world in her won small way. Unfortunately, she has yet to find a place to settle down nor a guild she is interested to join.


    Hair Color: Light blonde, near white. It has a few natural highlights sprinkled every which way but nothing made to stand out.

    Eye Color: Light blue, near grey, It has yellow webs flowing through it so light that it looks natural.

    Skin Tone: Extremely pale, to the point of being made fun of as a child.

    Body Build: Thin, to the point that one would be surprised by her strength and magic type. Her measurements are 32-23-32. Height wise she is a tall girl of 5'10 inches.

    Hair Length: A little past shoulders. It is parted in the middle and falls down

    Accessories: The only accessory that Calista caries is a small piece of white paper with a crayon drawing on it. It is a drawing of two people, a child and an adult. Horribly drawn and obviously by a little kid. Calista always keeps this picture in a small pouch on her body.

    Things on skin: The most unique thing prominent is an odd, nearly translucent, design that juts out from the corner of her eyes. It spirals out in a glittery design of curves and twists for about two inches all around. It is only noticeable when the light hits it or when one looks very close. She does not have many other distinguishable features.


    Favorite Sport: Calista is not a big sports fan as it takes too much work for her. However, she used to be a fan of swimming until the incident with her brother. Now Calista refuses to even get near a body of water and cold water being so much as splashed on her will make her freeze up. in a battle, water users are her greatest threat and one of the only real ways to defeat her is by splashing cold water on her, making her freeze up, and striking in that time period.

    Active?: Calista only exercises as much as she has to. Dreading any real form of activity she will exercise for about an hour a day. just enough to stay in shape to use her magic.

    Magic: Calista uses a magic she calls Crash. It is extremely powerful and at her current level, It is extremely hard for Calista to control it and almost impossible usually. because of that she rarely will activate it.

    Crash: Is an extremely powerful Caster Type Magic that smashes everything the user comes into contact with into pieces using advanced momentum. It is also used to both crack magic into pieces as well as reduce the magic's power and deflect it. Even the most powerful spells are rendered useless when faced with this destructive and highly advanced magic.

    Empyrean Crushing Evil : Spreading the Truth: The user first breaks the spell cast by his foe, and then blows the enemy into the sky with a powerful punch imbued with magical energy.

    Disassembly Magic: Is a Caster Type Magic that makes a net-like pattern which runs straight through whatever it touches, tangible or intangible. However, instead of being destroyed, the objects that are touched split apart and form numerous, smaller versions of the original. When used on a living organism, the recipient gets reduced into small, doll-like versions of themselves, complete with deadpan expressions.

    Enhanced Durability: Calista has shown that she is extremely durable. She can take many hits without much damage.

    Immense Strength: Calista, understandingly with her, magic is also shown to be quite strong. She has been shown to not only move, but attack with surprising agility and strength under high rank gravity mages.

    Immense Magical Power: Calista has immense Magical power. Calista can release her Magical Power into a potent aura around him. People in the immediate vicinity can be brought to their knees with its power, even potential S-Class Mages, and its force can be felt at much greater distances.

    Home Dimension: Earthland

    Martial art?: none

    Weapons?: Calista's only weapons used are brass knuckle knives kept in her back pockets. They are of odd design, looking like brass knuckles with knives jutting out. (Imagine Asuma's Chakra knives.)

    RP sample:
    RP sample from another site:
    A week ago, Calista had come to a decision. She had been walking along the streets of Astria during one of her passing’s through, looking for a certain person. She was looking for a certain man who used to pay her a lovely dollar for her looks. She knew him well enough to know that he would never be at his office. Not that she would want to go to that place. Knowing him, it was probably full of creepy things. This man was never a normal man after all. Calista was searching the town for rumors when she saw a flier with his logo on it. It was calling for Novice models to partake in his shoot. This was something that had made Calista raise an eyebrow. Novice models for such a big company. Probably some elaborate plat at popularity. Or perhaps he was looking for a certain look that could not be found in well seasoned models. But nonetheless, his company was known for only hiring those in the top 300 list. Models that would cost thousands for one shoot. Models like herself.

    Calista had shrugged it off and decided that it was the perfect opportunity to find him. She could then get a pretty penny for it and make her safe for a week. She had rented a room for the month with what money she had left, and this was where she was now, one week later. The interview was in an hour, and Calista was not bored in the least with having to sit there, lying on the floor. The place she had rented for the month was not pleasant looking, and Calista trusted the floor better. Who would wish to imagine what creepy crawlies laid beneath that mattress? It was a good thing Calista brought her own patched quilt wherever she went. At least the rent was cheap.

    Such minimalist rent was only to be expected with this place. Three rooms only and each of them sporting stained brown wooden walls and brown stained wooden floors. A single twin sized bed, a set of rotting wooden drawers, and a candle made up the bedroom. The kitchen was worse with a faucet that constantly leaked and a barely fictional microwave and a mini fridge. It had even disgusted Calista and so she had scrubbed it head to toe. The bathroom was a whole other story. In all, this place looked better than the place she used to live in with her little brother. At least it had a kitchen and it didn’t smell bad.

    Calista had yet to get dressed, but seeing as the shoot was in an hour and a twenty minute walk, she needed to get started. She had finished a shower earlier and her hair had just finally dried. Walking in front of the mirror, she dropped the towel and observed her body. She had indeed lost weight in the past three weeks. Having weighed 125, thin for a regular model but on the heavier side for a model, she had forced herself back down to a perfect weight. 115. This way she was as thin as they would ever need. It was always easier to lose weight than it was to gain it. Her skin was pale and her sizes were still what they used to be. 32-24-32.

    Putting on no makeup, and not only because she didn’t have any, Calista slipped into a simpler outfit of purple skinny jeans and a white males T-shirt. She knew that even when she was more famous, she was known to have a unique sense of style. She wanted to blend in today, so she would leave that behind and just throw on something she thought was normal. It was conservative as well, and hid some of her form. Any good judge could see from her face and her legs and exposed arms that she would be worth something. Calista didn’t even bother covering up her scar on her torso. It wasn’t exposed in this outfit and the man she was looking for would already know about it.

    Calista puller her hair back into a low ponytail. This way they could see her face structure. Not that she had anything to worry about. She didn’t want to rely on her fame, but she was pretty sure she could get this job. Calista slipped on some black booties that were actually designed by this same man that she was looking for. They were a gift for a shoot she had done for him, a runway show which she had opened. She knew that he would probably gain a lot of publicity over her being there. He was not the type to pass that up. She could see the headlines: “CALISTA KAI REVIVED!” Or even better “Calista AND DEX? What he did to make her come back!”. It would be attention grabbing alright. Also rumor starting.

    Calista started the 20 minute walk to the place. It would be ten minutes for any regular person, but this was Calista. Her grey eyes were trailed to the sky and she began to wonder why she was here. Sure, she needed the money badly, but did she really want to do this? She had dropped out so long ago after all. At the same time, Calista knew that she did miss modeling. She missed the feeling of being whoever you wanted. She missed the feeling of being in front of that camera and nothing else mattering right then. Calista in a way was looking forward to this. In another way she was afraid of getting attached to modeling and having to move so furiously like before. Waking up early and working late. Dieting, traveling, money, tabloids, boys, drama, and more money were part of the game.

    The building looked like an old, giant mansion. An interesting place to say the least, somewhere she had been before several times. She walked up to the gates and there were a few men. She smirked at their outfits. They looked like government official wannabe’s with black sunglasses and suits. Smiling internally to herself she nodded to them as she walked past, flashing the flier.

    Calista went through the front door of the grand mansion and to the main lobby. In the center was a large desk with three females. She walked up to the one on the left. She vaguely recognized this girl as one who had worked here for years. Her name started with an A but that was all she could remember. She was Asian with a pretty face and a contrast dress. She looked up as Calista walked over.

    “Here for the model interview.” Calista grunted, showing the flier before putting her hands back in her pocket. The lady stared at her for a minute before blinking. She seemed to obviously recognize her.

    “M- Ms. Kai? Is that really you?” The girl blinked a few more times. Calista slowly nodded. The clerk seemed to realize that the CEO would probably want to see her and she shook herself out of any shock she was experiencing. “Are you here to see Mr. Dexter? He’s not available right now, but later he should be and I can leave him a message and give him your address or an appointment time. He’s actually looking for a model right now if that’s why you’re here I’m sure h-”

    “I’m here for the model shoot. Just give me an application and tell me what room it’s in.” Calista continued to talk in her ever frank manner. It was something that everyone who had worked with her was used to. The clerk looked at her oddly but she had learned that arguing with the lazy girl was futile.

    “Ok, the room is second one on the left of that hallway.” She pointed to the place she meant. Calista nodded and looked back at her for an application. “Ah, here’s the application!” The girl seemed to realize. “We already have most of your information on file so just fill out the health and weight section and you should be good. I don’t know why you don’t just talk to him directly. You were the most famous model two years ago, and nobody’s risen to rival you since. I think it’s almost frustrated the manager.”

    Calista laughed and rolled her eyes. Something that could upset that freak? Unlikely. She shook her head and just took the application. “I want to do it this way. Maybe I’ll see a good fresh face that has potential in that room.” With that Calista walked away from the girl. She noticed as she went down the hallway there were pictures of famous models wearing his clothes. Calista almost laughed when she saw a picture of her wearing a swimsuit. Then another with her wearing a black shaggy jacket and nothing more. Memories of those shoots ran through her head. The one with her wearing the jacket was one of her first shoots. She had been 16 and the youngest person to ever reached the top 50’s list. At that time she was only #45, but this was a list of all of models in the past and present. It was an honor to receive. Then later she had rose and eventually ended as #19 of history’s greatest. She was on track to rise higher, but... things changed. People change. She was the most influential in the modeling industry of her time, and that was enough for her

    Calista opened the door to the room and was glad that most were already distracted with each other. Calista took a seat in the corner as to avoid these people recognizing her. She was successful and was able to observe. The room was large with florescent lighting and grey carpets. Chairs were arranged against three walls and on the fourth was a large office. Calista silently filled out the form and then let her eyes wander.

    These girls were a disappointment. Trying to get a job by showing skin and nothing else really. Short skirts and tube tops. Makeup and hairstyles. Designers wanted girls they could imagine things on. When your face was covered by an inch of makeup and your hair dyed, it was harder to see that. Half of them were too short, one or two too tall, and the rest too fat. She was hoping to see at least one with good potential. She did see about three who wouldn’t be too bad, but nothing amazing. Disappointed and wondering that Dexter was thinking, Calista stood up and looked at the magazines on the desk. She put her head down a little more when she realized she was on the cover of two or three of them. She grabbed those three and took them back with her, pretending to read the articles full of information she already knew.
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