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    Post by Kylekaotikk on Sat Jul 09, 2011 11:11 am

    | G O D | S L A Y E R S |

    What are the types of God Slayer magic?

    God Slayer magic is similar to Dragon Slayer Magic, Zancrow describes it as more powerful than dragon slayer magic. The only known user of God-Slayer Magic is Zancrow. However, Zancrow learnt this Magic from Hades, not from an actual god. It is unknown if 'genuine' God-Slayers exist, or if 'genuine' God-Slayer Magic even exists. Nonetheless, Zancrow's flame Magic has been shown to be completely superior to Natsu's Dragon-Slayer Magic in both power and destructive ability. Furthermore, Natsu was only able to eat Zancrow's flames after nullifying all of his own Magic, while Zancrow could eat Natsu's flames with ease. This shows in itself that God Slayers are a tough opponent without a doubt.


    Flame God Slayer: 火炎の 滅神魔導士 Kaen no Metsujin Madoshi
    This Magic allows the user to incorporate the element of fire into his body which allows him to produce flames from any part of his body. This also allows the user to consume external sources of fire to restore their body to a healthy state, however he cannot use their own flames to renew himself. The flames of a Flame God Slayer are black in colour and rather illuminating. This shows the general power of them, in essence people who are God Slayers are invulnerable to fire (Basically),

    The powers of these guys are extremely high, if a normal fire user and the flame god user were to fight it is likely that the god slayers flames would be higher in ability, even against a dragon slayer it is likely the God Slayer might be higher in ability (flame wise).

    Basic techniques: copied from the wikia.
    + Any unique ones

    Flame God's Explosive Flame: An unnamed attack where Zancrow releases a massive stream of black flames at his opponent by launching his arm forward in a punch-like motion and then explodes. This attack demonstrated that Natsu couldn't eat Zancrow's flames. (Unnamed)

    Flame God's Kagutsuchi (炎神のカグツチ Enjin no Kagutsuchi): Zancrow spreads his arms and legs and unleashes a giant ball of black flames around his person. This was first seen against Natsu, and it completely overpowered Natsu's "Brilliant Flame".

    Flame God's Cloud: User swipes his hand, releasing black flames that cover his target(s) like a cloud.

    Flame God's Bellow (炎神の怒号 Enjin no Dogō): A similar attack to Natsu's "Fire Dragon Roar", Zancrow breathes a massive fireball of flame at his opponent. While using this attack, his fire is normal-colored, not black, although this is presumably due to the fact that Zancrow had just consumed Natsu's flames a moment earlier.

    Flame God's Scythe: An unnamed attack where Zancrow forms a scythe of black flames off of one arm, which he uses as a weapon for destructive results. This attack was first demonstrated when Zancrow used it to cut down a couple of trees. (Unnamed)

    Flame God's Supper (炎神の晩餐 Enjin no Bansan): An attack where Zancrow claps his hands down to launch a mouth-shaped attack of black flames at his foe(s) to trap them in the black flames to turn them into ashes.

    Metal God Slayer: (メタルゴッドスレイヤー Metarugoddosureiyā)

    This Magic allows the user to incorporate the element of metal into their body which allows him to produce multi-sized iron rods as well as changing parts of their body into steel. This also allows the user to consume external sources of his/her element to restore his body to a healthy state. In many ways, metal god slayers are very similar to Iron Dragon Slayers, similar as in they can both create metal out of their own body and have similar techniques.

    The user can create any type of metal out of their body, be it iron, steel, aluminum, copper or anything. Each one has their weak points however, the strongest one being steel out of the lot. This steel rivals the strength, if not 1ups the iron dragon slayers own steel.

    Basic Techniques: + Any unique ones
    Metal God Plating:
    The user covers part of his body (or the entirety of it) with steel plates to dramatically increase his offense and defense. The amount of power behind them is phenomenal, it is capable of blocking a large variety of attacks. In some cases, if you were to strike a god slayer with a sword at medium/adept strength it would barely even leave a mark. These plates are extremely hard to smash, only something of incredible strength can break these plates.

    When this is activated, they have no choice but to fight with metal steal covering their body until the exit it.

    Metal God Slayers Bellow:
    Basically a variation of Gajeel's own Tetsryuu no hoko which shoots tiny fragments of metal out. Instead, the user shoots a similar blast but inside the smokey mist there are things shaped like buzz saw blades, they develop once they leave the users mouth.

    General body materialization:
    As the name states, any part of his body can take on the shape of anything within moderation of body size. From swords to hammers, they can create a wide variety of different attacks just by changing their body.

    Metal God Slayers revenge:
    Engulfing a large amount of metal, the user must be at peak strength to use this. Once they have reached peak strength the user turns their own fist into metal and begin to eat themselves. This usually has to be done over time. Once their entire fist is gone their entire bodies begin to grow in size, growing larger and larger. This easily shows that their strength is becoming once again higher. The hand that was eaten grows back as their whole body grows with muscle.

    While this greatly increses the users strength it drastically slows down the speed and maneuverability. However, this mode lasts for 10 posts at the most and if Metal God Slayers bellow was used while this is activated, it would shroud an entire area of 100 meters by 100 meters (roughly) sending out hundreds of buzz saw blades at the opponent.

    Metal God Slayers pikes:
    From the metal god slayers arms, they turn into very sharp looking spears. From here, the user proceeds to stab constantly with his arms giving the effect that he is stabbing with 100 blades at one given time. These are pikes so they are relatively strong and have quite the range on them.

    Sky God Slayer: (空の神スレイヤー Sora no kami sureiyā)
    This Magic allows the user to incorporate the element of wind into the users body and also allows them to consume external sources of their element to restore their body to a healthy state which means that their Magic works well in clean environments. Like the other two, the user can consume the air and use it to power themselves. Much like Sky Dragon Slayers, it focuses no healing more than actual fighting, this is why Sky God Slayer has one actual offensive move.

    Basic Techniques: + Any unique ones
    God Slayer healing:
    God Slayer healing is very, very similar to Dragon Slayer magic. While Dragon Slayer healing focuses on healing injuries by purifying the air, the God Slayer magic focuses on healing and putting together limbs once more. Unlike Sky Dragon Slayers, the God slayer cannot cure fatigue that well, the user focuses on healing general injures such as poison or physical wounds, not really mental which is where the Dragon Slayers are at a disadvantage, as they cannot heal injuries straight away.

    Sky God Slayers bellow:
    Generally, this is just a normal gust of wind which is used to blow the enemy away as well as injure them in the process. This is near identical to Sky Dragons Roar.

    Lightning God Slayer: 雷の神スレイヤー Kaminari no kami sureiyā

    This Magic allows the user to incorporate the element of lightning into their body which allows them to control and make lightning appear from almost anywhere. This also allows the user to consume external sources of his element to restore his body to a healthy state. This type of lightning takes a purple colour rather than a standard yellow for lightning, this shows the difference in types of slayer magic both Dragon Slayers and God Slayers have. Lightning God Slayers have a severe immunity to lightning so it would be best to not use lightning on these guys.

    Techniques: + Any unique ones
    Lightning God Slayers Bellow:
    The users entire mouth becomes filled with what seems like air, and when all of this is released it shoots out similar to Lightning Dragons roar. However, instead of stunning it almost acts as a fire type of electricity and burns instead of paralyzing the body. While God Slayer Flames tear at your body and not burn, these burn instead of paralyze.

    Lightning wheel of justice:
    Using both hands,the user creates a large circle of lightning in mid air, automatically it becomes filled with energy of the lightning. At the words 'lightning wheel' the circle become a giant pillar of electricity. Once this pillar is erected the user starts to charge their own foot with the electricity. However, this electricity is blue in colour and differs greatly from the purple pillar.

    Bringing their foot in a arc like swing, it slams into the purple energy. The blue lightning mixes with the purple and soon all across the battle filed shoots out lighting jolts. If someone was to be hit by this, they would feel an intense burning pain shoot throughout their body like their nervous system was on fire. Not only this, but when the foot is connected with the pillar; the entire pillar slams down at an alarming rate. If you were to be crushed by this pillar it is likely you would be barely able to stand up depending on how you reacted to it. All of this happens rather quick, it is not slow.

    Lightning Gods Fist of Fury:
    Slamming down from the sky above, the user creates at massive fist that can either slam the enemy on head into the ground or attempt to grab them and throw them across the battle field/slam them into the ground once grasped or into any object. If you were grabbed by this you would feel a large sense of a burning sensation throughout your entire body.

    Poison God Slayer: 毒神スレイヤー Doku-shin sureiyā
    This Magic allows the user to incorporate the element of poison into his body. The poison that the user produces from their skin is so corrosive that it was seen disintegrating the sleeves of people's clothes upon activating his Magic. The user can also eat poisonous mist to enhance their attacks even further, like all the other God Slayers can eat their respective elements. There will be VERRRY strict monitoring on how the poison will effect someone as it could be easily seen as GM.


    Techniques: + Any unique ones
    Poison God Slayers Bellow:
    In many ways this is similar to the Dragon Slayers poison roar, however this one acts as still a poison but cuts up your skin so it can attempt to enter your blood stream by that. This is good because over time it drains the life leaving them fatigued or drained of energy. [u]

    Poison Gods Swiping fang:
    Appearing in front of the users hands, a claw made of solid poison arises and when swiping the enemy, the poison could potentially enter the blood stream and slowly weaken them. However, this poison CAN be stopped with emitting a large amount of magical energy.

    Poison Gods divine slice:
    The user begins to absorb any and all poisonous substances from the area, be it animals or plants. Once this is achieved, the user should be a top level to fight once again. The caster draws in the air with his own poison the kanji for divine slice. Soon, the writing fades away and reveals a large amount of poison behind the user. At his command, the user can shoot the large amount of poisonous energy at the opponent attempting to smother them and drain energy from them that way.

    Note: Draining energy from the opponent does not cure the users own fatigue/energy. It is simply attempting to drain the other opponent.

    Poison Gods spiral:
    Swinging their legs in arc shapes, the user shoots out waves of poisonous energy but instead of trying to poison them, it cuts them as if a sword was striking them.

    | T H E | T W O | P A T H S |

    Original God Slayers

    To become an Original God Slayer, you must prove a RP sample no shorter than 4 DETAILED paragraphs on how you actually got the god and met the god to train you. Please be descriptive of these things. Since God Slayers are extremely rare like Dragon Slayers, there will only be aloud 1 of each category. Meaning, one for lightning, one for flame etc...

    Lacrima God Slayers

    If you are interested in becoming a God Slayer with a Lacrima implanted into your body, you must also proved no shorter than 4 DETAILED paragraphs on how exactly you got the lacrima implemented into your body and who did it. There will be aloud 2 of each category, meaning 2 for poison, 2 for lightning and 2 for flames etc...

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